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2Company analysis

Pizza Autentico company analysis

Pizza Autentico is a restaurant operating in the Fast food service industry and is based in Sydney, Australia and whose objective is to widen its patronage to 600 people, from the current number of 500 per week. The restaurant offers a variety of food ranging from Pizza, pasta and gnocchi. Infact, the company offers variety of food in line with its mission statement which is to introduce unique food varieties whose authenticity is true. Additionally, apart from the variety of foods from which to choose from, affordability is unquestionable. Pizza Autentico offers good quality food for as low as $20. Understanding the business environment is important if an organization is to achieve competitive advantage and to attain high levels of profitability (Hasan, Hasan, and IVONNE, 2013). Undertaking a SWOT analysis is important as an internal tool to enable an organization understand its strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats.

Pizza Autentico strengths include ability to produce high quality yet affordable food, excellent dining experiences, excellent services and strategic positioning in terms of location (Pizza Autentico — Surry hills, Sydney — Darling Hurst — restaurant reviews, phone number & photos, 2016). One of the weakness Autentico’s weaknesses is that it hasn’t perfected on service time inorder to save on time. Should Autentico gather its resources, then it has an opportunity for growth through expansion to other cities and even nations. However, the challenge it faces is the availability of resources. Autentico faces stiff completion from other players in the food industry; hence it turns out to be a threat

Australia trends in the resent past have changed due to healthy concerns people are prioritizing. In the recent past, there has been a shift to traditional, less fatty food, from modern chunky and fatty food likes pizzas. According to a survey carried out by, IBIS world, health consciousness among consumers has negatively worked against the industry, but amidst these challenges, the industry has enormously grown over the past five years with a forecasted growth of 3% between the years 2016-2017 (IBIS World, 1999).


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