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Q1. The height of males was highest at age bracket of 18-29 with average height of 178.6 cm but decreases as age increases with age bracket of 70-78 scoring an average height of 171.6 cm. For females, ages 18-29 scored highest average height of 164.8 cm with ages 70-78 had least with average height of 159.4 cm. In both cases, average height in each age bracket increase from minimum at 5 percentile to maximum at 95 percentile.

Age bracket of 50-59 has highest average weight of 80.6 kg having increased from 76.2 kg at age bracket of 18-29 and lowest average weight lies at 70-78 ages for males. In females, weight increases from 18-29 ages at 63.8 kg to maximum at 40-49 age bracket at 67.2 kg and decreases as age increases with 70-78 age brackets having a mean of 66.5 kg.

BMI for males increases from average of 23.9 at ages of 18-29 to maximum of 25.4 at ages of 70-78. In female category, it also increases from 23.6 at ages of 18-29 to maximum of 26.1 at 70-78 ages.

Q2. Changes in age, way of lifestyle, failure to carry out practical exercises and diseases are some of the causes.

Q3. As a male of 30 years, my height lies at the 95th percentile; my weight of 110 kg is beyond the value (100.9) at 95 percentile. A score of 33 in BMI places me in category above 95 percentile in my age bracket of 30-39.

Q4. Yes, I identified three risk factors. My risk factor score was three (3). My risk factors do not preclude me from undertaking low moderate physical activities.

Q5. My glucose and cholesterol levels were within the normal parameters. My glucose level was 2.3 mmol/L which is within 4-6 mmol/L value while my cholesterol level was 3.76 mmol/L which is below the maximum value of 5.76 mmol/L.

Q6. Cholesterol levels increase as age increases. Heart attack results when cholesterol levels get high in the body.

Q7. I am moderately strong. I have right hand grip strength of 17.1 kg.

Q8. Physical strength is very important in my profession. Such physical strength helps me move about various office equipments and furniture, change car tyres in case they deflated during course of duty; it also helps me when I am operating heavy duty machinery in the workshops.

Q9. Flexibility is vital for good health of a human being. It helps prevent everyday injuries such as muscle and disc strains, it helps improve posture, makes the cardio activities easier and lighter and also flexibility helps lengthen muscles that make a person leaner.

Q10. My aerobic power score was 31.53 ml/kg/min. It lies in between 5-25 percentiles of 30-39 age brackets in the normative tables. In the physical fitness and occupational demands of Belfast ambulance services, the aerobic power of men in age bracket of 30-39 ranges from36-38 ml/kg/min. It is higher than mine.

Q11. I am sufficiently active according to the National Physical Activity Guidelines.

Q12. I undertake one hour of physical activity per week.

Q13. My physical activities are moderate. I am above light and sedentary activities programs.

Q14. I am currently not involved in any kind of sedentary activity.

Q15. Low fitness and strength are not allowed for paramedics or other health professions. This is because at times of emergencies high aerobic power scores are required and therefore those with low fitness and strength cannot provide such services hence they are not ideal for such professions.

Q16. My health practices are good and there is room for improvement. I had an average score of 6.64 out of 10. The only area I should improve on is on the tobacco use category. I should start by reducing the number of cigarettes I smoke in a day, smoke low nicotine cigarettes followed by engagement in other social activities.

Q17. Wellness survey questions are related to the national health policies.

Q18. I believe my K10 score reflects my perceived level of psychological distress.

Q19. There are no behavioral or lifestyle factors that contribute to my psychological distress.

Q20. There are no actions that I can undertake to lower psychological distress as I am not distressed at any time. My score was in between 10-19 where there is low or no psychological distress.

Mindful skills session

  1. My attention.

My attention is excellent. I have always been keen observer and listener of what’s takes place at any particular moment without interactions of any manner.

Five factor mindfulness questionnaire.

Observe items


Describe items


Act with awareness items


Non-judgment items

Non-reaction items


Home practice

Q1. My participation in MLS program should help me change the way I think and feel about stressful experiences. It should also help me pay attention to my thoughts and feelings so as to become more aware of them.

Q2. I practiced sensory awareness meditation daily and discovered that I can pay attention to my feelings.

Q3. One attitudinal foundation of mindfulness that I should pay attention to over the next four weeks is the Patience. It will help me develop enough wisdom to come into terms that sometimes things must unfold in their own time.

Write 250-300 words reflecting on perception and how this relates to stress response.

Stressors are things, persons or even internal thoughts that bring about the flight-flight response. They may be external or even internal. They vary from a person to person as they tolerate stresses differently. Some persons are more sensitive to stress than others and that is why some of us end up untouched by the stress response. Therefore the idea is that some stress we actually at times elicit ourselves with occurs as a result of demand or even threat.

One can manage stress by looking on what to control. Even in very negative situations, we should control on how we react. We should control our reactions to the situation. Learning not to get upset by problems and situations that you cannot alter helps remove much unnecessary stress in life. Problem solving is another strategy that can used to control stress. Problem solving helps us to eliminate the stress due to the fact that it is actively in pursuit of a definite solution. Seeking solutions to problems and situations and also taking an initiative into obtaining necessary information are the most effective ways to manage, then reduce or even prevent the occurrence of an event that brings about stress.

Our perception of every day, the stressors and so on depend on our individual perception of those stressors. Our individual perception is greatly influenced by our level of stress hardiness, level of control, our cultural or religious beliefs and the how optimistic we are depending on the situation. Every person should develop his or her own strategy of preventing stress or being overcome by it.

Q3 (I) The challenge I experienced doing the home practice was to bring awareness to my breathing at intervals during the day. At times I forgot to do it due to the fact that I was engaged in other activities.

(II) I still have not learnt anything new about myself.

Q4 (I) some situations are very challenging to every person. For example is the divorce case. If a couple that has young children divorces, the children find themselves in a hard situation. They do not know which parent to follow. They really get stressed as they make their own decisions.

(ii) There are several signs that portray that someone is stressed. In my case, when I am stressed there is heavy breathing, cues in the body of sweaty palms and at times tightness in the chest.

(iii) I have recognized patterns that I employ automatically to avoid unpleasant activities and emotions. I engage myself in chats with my friends, enjoy drinks as well as play football with my friends.

(Iv) When I recognize cues in my body, definitely I am stressed; therefore I usually breathe in and out gently, get calm and I avoid being lonely.

Q5. (a) Playing football

(b) Chatting with friends

(c) Swimming

(d) Listening to cool music

(e) Engaging in social work

Grip strength norms for Australians population. (Pg56/60)

My grip strength was on an average of 17.1 kg. It was reasonable and an acceptable value within my age bracket. It positively affects my capacity in paramedic field. I can work efficiently and effectively in emergency fields within a short duration of time.

Yoplait Yogurt and pan cakes.Calories used are 364. Healthy foods are drinks with similar amounts of energy are buckwheat flour and a can of coca cola while less healthy foods with similar energy are


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