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Post on: Are Japanese firms able to globalize?

Are Japanese firms able to globalize?

Ideally, since most Japanese companies have taken a lead in innovative and technological advancement, they should therefore be market global leaders. However, this is not the case. Though most of Japanese companies understand and perfectly comprehend the advantages of globalization, the top executives of such companies may be the reason for their failure to go global because of their failure to develop globalization objectives and propositions for their employees.

In the recent past, tough enjoying massive technological prowess, most Japanese companies have failed to convert this powerful tool into its applicability to produce products which can be directed to foreign markets. Infact, frankly speaking, most of them have not spent enough of their time to understand their prospective customers. For instance, powerful companies like Apple, Unilever as well as Samsung have beaten most of Japanese companies in tailoring products to meet the needs of prospective consumers in foreign markets. Additionally, Samsung and Apple have very strong and powerful product development strategies, as compared to most Japanese companies. For instance, in November 2010, Samsung introduced a new product, Samsung galaxy tab, just shortly after Apple introduced its iPad into the market.

On the question of whether Japanese companies can globalize, the answer is yes. They can only go global if they are in a position to develop and implement powerful product development strategies and are able to tailor their products to meet the requirements of international consumers. Additionally, Japanese companies should work on their marketing techniques if at all they are to compete globally with companies like Apple and Samsung.