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3Coaching Role Play




As the appointed new operations manager of Wollongong hardware store located in Australia, am very much ready for the challenge (Sourchere, et al. 2010). The responsibility entitled for includes checking of the staff, managing of the sales team, human resource officer and the administration. After the findings of the operation, I report to the senior manager holding who is the store manager. The work of the store manager is to ensure all the areas of the storage are well-taken care. Some of the responsibilities that they are entrusted include timber, garden and home department, plumbing among others.

Of late the sales team is not performing as expected the sales have declined, and that called for attention. After careful consideration, the problem was being caused by a veteran worker named Pat who was starting to be occupied by other things. In the workplace, Pat is seen and as a natural leader and helps the team with the skills in dealing with the customers and hence promoting the sales. The issue is starting to change the environment in the workplace because of the role model part that Pat plays, and encouragement is given to the others. New team members in the sales are starting to feel that the transition process is not smooth since they do not have guidance from others who are experienced. The trend can cause a long-term problem to the company’s sales.

After identifying where the problem was they needed to hold a coaching to the sales team so as to mitigate the issue. The central part of the solution was to involve Pat by listening to what that has been affecting personal performances. The chance given to Pat was to allow expression of the obstacles, performance-job satisfaction and feelings. Taking into consideration the impact that Pat brings to the company it is important to be very cautious how to deal with the issue so as not to change the attitude at the workplace. Another thing by considering the popularity of Pat to other workers.

Emotional intelligence strengths of Pats

Pat is an excellent employee in the company and majority of the employees look up to him for his guidance and good customer skills (Goleman, et al. 2013). Therefore he is a critical person to even the transition process of the new recruits by instilling them with the skills that are needed in the field. Another is he has good leadership qualities even if Pat does not have a position yet all the employees in the sales team depends on his knowledge and wisdom to reach the target set. Taking an in-depth look on whether the supervisor focuses more on the strength or the weakness. Pat provides motivation to other by encouraging them to reach their target.


The word is an acronym of representing Goals, Reality, Option and Will

(i) Reality

Pats is a performer in the company and but some things needs to rectify so as to build a better and prosperous future of the enterprise. One of the things that he needs to consider is to work with the team so as to achieve a common goal. One his own his sales are incredible, but on the role of helping the others, the target is reached. Another is inducting of the new employees to the company; this is an area that builds the future and hence needs to be addressed. A person needs to have some time for the personal review, and that is one of Pat shortcoming. Every employee is entitled to 100 hours of training, and he only spends seven hours. Therefore the problem is the fact that he assumes that he knows a lot. Poor relation with other due to engagement with the peers. At times he sees himself as if superior to others.

The primary aim is to make Pat come into reality with how he is conducting his operations even if he is a valuable member of the firm (Grant, M. 2011). The employee in question has some varieties of strength, and therefore it is to everyone interest to change the only limitation so as to Mould him. Give Pat Courage and at the same time challenge him where he is going wrong.

(ii) Options

Some of the solutions to the problem are by allowing Pat to dictate the other team by giving him responsibilities (Palmer, S. 2008). One of them is being in charge of inducting the youth into the system operations of the company. Leading the teams that are responsible for the sales by showing them the skills and how to handle clients. Another is the teaching of the sales team communication skills essential in the field. Due to the experience in the areas allowing him to decide the area to target for sales so as to enable reach of the company goal. Setting of his personal goal according to his strength. Considering him as the external champion so as to boost his confidence with the aim of also helping the others in attaining their target.

(iii) Will

After giving pat’s responsibilities so as to maximise his production, then the next thing is to evaluate his willingness. One of the things that it can be achieved is by checking if he changes his relationship. Another is the time that he is investing in establishing the area that is supposed to be targeted by sales team (Palmer, S. 2008). The induction process of the new employees and how they are catching up with the others. Also, the relationship in the workplace among the workers and the staff. It is done by checking whether the work environment has changed. Holding off one to one conversation with him in case they are a problem to establish his willingness to work. Lastly, is checking the improvement made from his shortcomings.


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