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Country Market Analysis

Based on the fact that Brazil is termed as a country with very high temperatures, the ice cream market in the country is poised to be growing tremendously. The ice cream industry in Brazil is mainly divided into three major types of ice creams and this includes the soft ice cream, the popsicles and in ice cream in tubs (Canadean 45). The soft ice cream accounts for about 10%, while the popsicles takes about 22% and the ice cream in the tubs takes about 68% of the market (Canadean 11).

There exist a number of players in the Brazilian ice cream markets with each of them aiming at attracting a greater market share as compared to the other competitors in the industry. The players in the market consist of both local companies and foreign ones. This is mainly based on the fact that the ice creams are consumed by all classes of people and thus making the market are a large. The major players in the Brazilian ice cream, market are the Kibon, Nestle and Jundia, Ben and Jerry’s, La Basque, Melona popsicles, Freddo and Haagen-Dazs just to mention a few of them (Canadean 12).

The various companies operating in the Brazilian ice cream market also needs to be aware of the key competitive products and in respect to this respond in the right manner to ensure that they have a competitive advantage over the products in the various markets. Products which the companies need to consider are those that perform a similar purpose and ones that consumers may choose the substitute the ice creams (Porter 34). The ice creams in the Brazilian market are likely to face competition from products such as sweets, fruits, beverages and chips just to mentions a few of them. This is also the case if the substitute seems to be lowly priced for those consumers who are price sensitive. Additionally, if the substitutes tend to be of greater quality and nutritious than the ice creams consumers who are health consumers will choose the substitutes over the ice creams.

In choosing the brand of ice creams to consume, the consumers considers a number of aspects and this makes them to make a good selection of what they want. In relation to these ice cream consumers in Brazil consider the taste, brand, price as well as the quality of the ice creams. In this regard, people dislikes certain tastes and therefore they may, for instance, choose ice creams with certain flavors such as vanilla and strawberry just to mention a few of them (Canadean 24).

In conclusion, players in the Brazilian ice cream industry need to ensure that they have a competitive advantage over each other. This will enable them to gain a greater market share as compared to their close competitors in the industry. Additionally, they need to price their products well to ensure that a greater number of people can purchase for them and also they should always adhere to the quality of their products.


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