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Cosmetic Surgery and Ageing

Physical attractiveness has a greater influence in our society and many people seek to alter their appearance in order to satisfy the ideals the society is expecting of people .Many factors influence people to undergo plastic surgery. People want life satisfaction, increased self-esteem and body image. People are obsessed with young looks and beautify. Aging is one the reason as to why people decide to undergo cosmetic surgery; this is because old age has a lot of negative effects not only to beauty but to health as well. Having less attractive appearance and beauty affect human life negatively, youthfulness is being valued much more than age and experience in life, more so beauty is an indicator of social worth. There are negative view about older people in society which are hurting and have reduced the lives, when these views are changed there are noticeable changes such as prolonging of lives and appreciation. In attempt to increase physical attractive and public image many old people contemplate whether it is necessary to have cosmetic surgery when the signs of ageing appear.

Cosmetic surgery involves maintaining and restoring or enhancing physical appearance of someone through surgical treatment and other medical techniques (Furnham & Levitas, 2012). Over the past few years there has been popularity growth of cosmetic surgery. It is no longer for the rich or famous people. Both young men and women of different social status are undergoing cosmetic treatment with the purpose of enhancing their physical attractiveness (Slevec & Tiggemann, 2010). Advances in technology have made cosmetic surgery safer and less damaging. This has increased the recovery time and lowers the cost of the overall procedures (Furnham & Levitas, 2012).By undergoing cosmetic surgery, physical attractiveness is promoted. In order to boost self-esteem and to avoid judgemental words from people about their beauty and attractiveness, cosmetic surgery is the solution. Self-esteem is important since this is the attitude one has about him or herself, it could be positive or negative felling. The positive aspect is termed as self-confidence and the negative is termed as self-deprecation (Ricciardelli & Clow, 2009). Thornton, Ryckman & Gold, (2013) argue that women who had negative emotional feelings of their body images accept to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to improve their appearance . Through the correction of wrinkles on the face and other body parts such as the hands cosmetic surgery makes someone looks pleasant, young and attractive. Shemshadi & Sahaf, (2014) argue that if the person is a politician, the young looks and beautiful faces will attract voters. And for preachers looking young and beautiful will impress their followers

Many people normally get dissatisfied with their bodies and their body parts. Many treatments such as facelift as well as liposuction and blepharoplasty are administered to people to improve their body image and appearance (Nath, Roy, Ansari & Pawar, 2013) .With cosmetic surgery people tend to have increased level of satisfaction. Baniasadi, (2012) argue that cosmetic therapy known as cosmetic rhinoplasty intend to correct the nose of a person and brings harmony between it and their faces and in so doing their body would be more desirable. And from his research it was evident that after correcting the nose patients were satisfied with their body images. There are also concerns about aging and health effects which are can be corrected by cosmetic treatment. Shemshadi & Sahaf, (2014) argues in attempt to restore their nose, elderly people seek cosmetic surgery. As one grows old functions of the anatomical-physiology of the decreases, the thinning mucous also reduces. There is also reduction in nasal musculoskeletal systems, muscles also get weaker and the attachment of ligament and tendons in the nasal bones weakens this result in narrow nasal airway passage breathing problems will arise furthermore the delicate nature of the intranasal mucosa might cause allergic-rhitis attack.

There are however concerns about cosmetic surgery, some people strongly raising their opinion that it is important to be happy and accepting the natural body. People need to appreciate the way their bodies are or are naturally changing. Nature is beauty and people need to be happy with who they are and how they look like. Some people with strong religious believe strongly suggested that our bodies are Gods creation and that it should be respected, failing to do so is seen as an act of immorality. One should not change their body shape and appearance with intention of maintaining beauty. Cosmetic surgery when sign of aging appears is seen as a sign of laziness. If one wants to change physical appearances and maintain the body shape, there are natural ways of doing that such as taking time to exercise and eating better foods (Ricciardelli & Clow, 2009). There are also cases of increased risk with cosmetic surgeries, an example is anaesthetic complication with is very catastrophic in elderly people this risk is high because of the reduction in organ function and other old age related diseases. The elderly people are also other risks associated with heat loss due to reduced metabolic rate and impairment of the thermoregulations, the patient therefore stand high chances of suffering complications of the cardiac and the pulmonary (Nath, Roy, Ansari & Pawar, 2013)

The need to maintain beautify and physical attractiveness is in the heart of every human being male and female, rich or poor. Beauty is normally associated with good things in life and by it many goods thing will be achieved this include recognition and appreciation in society and even love. Many reason s make people change their physical appearances through cosmetic surgery. On the inevitable threats to beauty and attractiveness being aging, aging comes with advancement in years and signs will confirm this. Undergoing cosmetic surgery to improve appearance is something important, in the past years dangers associated with the exercise were high however improved technology have made the process much safer and efficient. Thus there it is necessary to have cosmetic surgery as the signs of aging appear. There are however strong concern against the procedure by people. This should not hinder someone from attaining beautify he or she deserves and the benefits resulting from it since the methods used in cosmetic surgery are now better and continue getting better.


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