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Shampoo (Organic Care Shampoo)

It is obvious that there are many shampoos and one would be spoilt for choice if one would only choose whimsically. However, a shampoo can make or break someone’s hair and hence, the need to consider our organic care shampoo. Our shampoos stand out from the crowd, given their premium moisture. Our shampoos are made with natural products which provide the hair with maximum moisture. The natural products are super hydrating and restore the natural oils which are removed from the hair due to shampooing and daily styling. Among these natural products are humectants and emollients which grace the user’s hair with sufficient moisture and shine.

Our organic care shampoo is also known for its slipping quality. Our organic care shampoo gives the hair slip and thereby giving the hair a detangling effect. Unlike our competitors who use silicon to achieve this effect, we make our shampoos strictly from naturally occurring components. Silicon-laced conditioners indeed give the ultimate dangling experience but unfortunately, they build up on the hair. It is for this reason that our organic care shampoos stand out from the rest.

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Our organic care shampoos are also guaranteed to leave your hair with unrivaled softness and more pliable. This quality is a culmination of our insistence on natural ingredients. Shampoos that leave your hair feeling as dry or hard as cotton are not worth anyone’s hair or money. The softness that our organic care shampoos leave the user with allows the user to rotate or twist her hair as she wants.

Lowan Muesli

If you happen to be looking for nutritious, tasty and health food, then you need not look further than Lowan Muesli. The nutritional aspect of Lowan Muesli is fulfilled by our delicious recipe which comprises dried sultanas, wholegrain oats, almonds, and dried seeds. Tertiary students and young business professionals, especially those aged between 18 and 35 will find utmost satisfaction in our products as the wholegrain oats, dried almonds, sultanas and seeds complement their occupations which in turn demand long periods of concentration and generally sound health. Families and older males and females are also bound to benefit from our recipe which impacts users with strength and the body’s much needed nutrition. Essential vitamins and minerals which will keep the user going for many hours will guarantee a long lasting feeling of strength and fullness (Ogilvy, 4-13).

Again, it is important to give Lowan Original harvest Muesli priority over other brands since the sugar levels in our servings are well measured and therefore guard against too much sugar. This safeguard ensures that our food products are cardio-vascular-friendly. Our products are also bigger and cheaper. For instance, our soft air-tight packs contain 750 grams with each fetching only USD 4.30. This is very much unlike our closest rival which packs 9.4 grams per serving.

Our food products are compatible with other types of food and can therefore be taken with warm or cold milk. It is for this same reason that our products are always enjoyed as breakfast meal, throughout the country.


Ogilvy, David. “Confessions of An Advertising Man.” SWAT Manual, 2017.