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Coordinating Security Operations

Malls all over the world have got the responsibility to protect and assure safety of guests, tenants and their own employees. From a security approach a shopping mall presents a gathering for persons including all the threats and dangers associated with them. A risk analysis and security plan for any given shopping mall must be inclusive. It should give consideration to potential threats in the area on a day to day basis with the most common threats coming from clients, employees and suppliers. Today security in any business establishment is paramount for its growth and success.

the following fundamental areas have to be considered:

  • A preventative intelligent structure

  • Advanced technological means

  • Security procedures

  • Professionally trained personnel

  • Inspections, supervisions and exercises/simulations

The above parameters will guide in increasing security within the shopping mall:

A Preventative intelligence will involve setting up rooftop monitoring by officers on duty to spot any anomalies or criminal intent within the open areas of the mall like the parking lots.

Advanced technological means will mean the use of CCTV cameras to watch people and through monitoring entry and exit points such as doors. Motion detectors, bomb detectors, glass break detectors and fire alarms will be able to give instant alerts on areas where security has been breached and the extent of the breach.

Security procedures involve having people go through metal detectors, being frisked, having their cars and, or luggage searched. This will be done by trained personnel who have the ability to avert crimes.

Professionally trained personnel which means that it will be mandatory for the security staff to have received training in handling routine and crisis situations.

Inspections, supervisions and exercises/simulations this is part of the performance monitoring of the security system to ensure that incase anything should happen, the team should be able to act swiftly in controlling whichever situation.

There will be a duty roaster specifying the days and hours each officer is supposed to work for that period of five weeks over Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. The shopping mall requires that two officers be deployed at any one time for a span of ten hours before they get off to allow the next pair to take charge.

There are five officers currently and there will be hired one more to give support to the five bringing the number of officers to six which is now divisible by two to allow for planning of shifts.

Duty roaster will be as follows:

5 weeks = (5*7days) bringing a total of 35 days. Each day has 24 hours.

35*24 =840 Hours and these hours will be divided between 3 pairs of officers with each pair being on call for a total of 280 Hours.

This means it will take 20 hours for a pair to resume duty and this will be treated as their off day.

The extra officer will have been hired from a security services outsourcing firm in the region at rates similar to the regular mall officers and will have to undergo a 30 hours induction period to be familiarized with the environs and all sections of the shopping mall.

All shifts will have reports with entries being made in the occurrence book which will be inspected by the Shopping malls’ security manager after every shift change. The officer will have back up support on standby just in case a situation arises that they cannot be able to promptly address as well as the police hotline numbers and radio channels.

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