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Cool Little Capital, (Canberra)


Cool little capital is a title chosen to represent a small area that has all favorable conditions and required facilities for the well-being of its dwellers and visitors. These capitals are developed in terms of infrastructure, education centers, and security as well as tourists and visitors attraction sites. The town of interest in the essay is Canberra. Canberra is viewed as a boring place that not evens the dwellers who feel it in-conduciveness, but also, no visitor wishes to be there. It is less developed that the environment is not interesting for one to live, study or even visit it as the reputation is not wanting too. The essay gives the best campaign taken as strategies of mobilizing 18-25 aged youths in developing Canberra. The campaign is also meant for changing the picture of Canberra to a cool little Capital with 24/7 economy, attractive, and unsterile. After changing the look of the place, the task at hand is mobilizing the youth-aged people to move to Canberra and live there, a task the ACT is working on. Besides, the campaign is to give encouragement to 18-25 aged people to live in Canberra, a strategy that the ACT suggests to be helpful in changing the capital.

Some of the ways discussed in the essay that is believed to encourage the suggested age-group to live in Canberra include an opening of nightlife, cool clubs, all time economy as well as the creation of events which are believed to bring people together. People aged in 18-25, as the age-group of concern proves to be motivated by activities that are associated with leisure and fun. The towns and cities where this age group is great are found to be lively and amazing that everyone wants to live, school and visit over and over again. The interest is based on the music offered there greatly as well as leisure-related events. The nature of the campaign used in the essay is photo taking and sharing in media blogs as well as hash tagging to the sites commonly visited by people aged between 18 and 25.

Campaign on encouragement of people aged 18-25 to live in Canberra

Photo taking of the recent look of Canberra by the media will help show people aged 18-25 of the face of the capital. Good and quality photography is to be done in the capital. All this is aimed at convincing these age group that the look of Canberra is good. It is not as it used to be described and look (Marchant, 2017, pp. 45). The purpose of good quality photography is to bring a clearer and better picture of Canberra. These pictures are purposed be posted and tagged in all social media blogs. The social media sites (facebook, twitter, snapchat, Instagram), from the technical analysis, prove that the people aged 18-25 are the active users. Therefore, a large group is reached by the message and impressive photos of Canberra (Halter, 2016, pp. 375). Besides, hash tagging, one of the common method of passing information among 18-25 aged people will be the key communication method in the campaign (Heinze, 2016, pp. R263). Therefore, it will change the bad reputation Canberra had been painted by journalists. Besides, the only journalists in the campaign is television reports since he is the one participating in visual-media production,

Also on the use of photos in the campaign for the encouragement of people aged 18-25 to live in Canberra, a great concern should be laid in the music industry wing of the media. Music can be said to be everything in a man’s life. Music can make one decide to live or vacate from a place due to one’s take on it. It makes one relieved off thoughts and music can bring stressful memories to people as well (Troccoli, 2013, pp. ES38). Most people appreciate music and wish to be close to music in their life. Promotion of Canberra using photos that show how the capital is rich in music wins many people’s minds. For the caption of everyone’s interest, the photos’ writings should emphasize on the measures taken by the ruling party to control music in the capital. It will help match the interest of those who appreciate loud music and those who despise noise pollution (Dunn, 2014, pp. 61). Therefore, the movement of new settlers into Canberra is expected to be high since all people’s interest is catered for. Also, having several musicians produce their video at the site of Canberra will also advertise to people aged 18-25 on the good look of the gives other musicians a motive to do their productions in the green lands of Canberra (Halter, 2016, pp. 378). As a way of motivating the age group of interest to live in Canberra, the photos used in the advertisement and in the campaign should be made to perfection as a key to the motivation of the targeted group to live in Canberra (Acker, 2017, pp. 17).

The greenness of the land makes the capital is so natural. It paints a great picture of Canberra as its cleanliness assuring health in the capital. Therefore, in the motivation of people to live in Canberra, adequate photos and videos should be shared widely in social media and advertised too in visual mass media (televisions) as a way of reaching mob (Peet, 2015). The motivation team should major on the people aged 18-25 through their known interest fields. Advertisement of job opportunities in Canberra will also lead to many wishes to live in the capital to safeguard their jobs as those who still aren’t employed seek employment (Shattuck, 2015, pp. 287). Therefore, the ACT should collaborate with the governing council of the land in the creation of jobs for the given age group. Besides, a creation of better health facilities assures people of health in the city. Therefore, it is a fueling feature towards the settlement of people in Canberra. Showing better roads and transport system in through hash tagging and posting in the social media also greatly promotes the campaign (Olsen, 2013, pp. 34). Therefore, the written campaign strategy involves all the posts in the media. Besides, the videos shot in Canberra, as well as all any other video related to showing the advantageous bit of Canberra, are used in the motivation of 18-25 aged people to live in the capital (Karim, 2016).

In conclusion, Canberra is a great land that anyone should struggle to live in. it has all the features one may need in a settlement. Perhaps, Canberra has all the infrastructure that anyone may need to access. And these infrastructures include high standard medical organizations, classic learning institutions, as well as better market places where one can run their business at (Halter, 2016, pp. 390). Also, the cleanliness of the city also assures health to the people who are being motivated to live in Canberra. Voicing to the nation on the cool little capital is promoted by the campaigns. The use of the word, “cool little capital” wins the campaign since it says it all about the motion of the motivation (Heinze, 2016, pp. R265).

Therefore, the nature of the campaign used in the essay is photo taking as well as sharing the advertising and motivating photos in media blogs as well as hash tagging to the sites commonly visited by people aged between 18 and 25. Besides, the use of pictures is purposed to reach many people within the bracketed age. The photos are posted and tagged in all social media blogs. The social media sites, from the technology analysis, prove that the people aged 18-25 are the active users (Blair, 2017).


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