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Contemporary Issues in Tourism & Event Self assessment, using Belbin

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QUESTION 1. Plot two preferred team roles for each of your team members in the circle

Contemporary Issues in Tourism & Event Self assessment, using Belbin

ME = 7,7,7,7

TW = 3, 3, 5


The top two preferred roles are Monitoring Evaluation (ME) and Team Work (TW).

Question 2.

What roles are missing from your team or where there be an oversupply? What qualities will you be missing from your team as a result of the missing roles?

Roles missing are:

  • Coordinating roles


  • Monitoring Evaluation

  • Team Work

Qualities missing as a result of missing roles

  • Lack of aptitude of organizing people

  • Lack of harmonization of diverse views

  • Lack effective and efficient utilization of existing manpower

  • Lack of flexibility

  • Discriminative nature

  • Lack of coordination

  • Lack of consensus on the contributions of the team members.

Question 3

What strategies will you need to implement to cover any vacuums in your team in order to achieve the task you have been set, and to manage those areas where multiple people may want to dominate?

Coordination is seen to be the missing quality among the members in the team. Therefore, this has created a vacuum in the team. These are the two strategies to counter the existing vacuum:

  1. Outsourcing: This can be obtained from other teams’ surplus within the organization. Also, this can be done through obtaining individuals of the same knowledge, skills and capabilities from similar organizations.

  2. Expansion of roles: This is done by assigning more roles to the existing team members with few roles to play.

Team work and Monitoring and Evaluation roles are in surplus. Therefore the excess individual members can be managed through training to fill in the existing vacuums.