Contemporary ICT and Engineering Issues

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Advanced machine learning is one of the trending issues in technology. The main objective of this advancement is primarily the need for the reinvention of the business models, creation of new business ecosystems, and the enhancement of customer experience. However, to achieve success in this endeavor, there is a substantial need for the collaboration and cooperation between various information technology professionals. Some of the most crucial professionals that must work together for the success of advanced machine language include data scientists, data officers, and in other cases mathematicians who deal with algorithms.

It is profound to note that there are several reasons companies have increased adoption of this technology. firstly, organizations are aiming at enhancing customer engagement through aspects such as smart cities, computer vision, language and speech recognition, and the production of self-driving cars. In essence, the adoption of these new technology idea plays a vital role in enhancing the organization’s competitive advantage in both local and global markets. As such, there is a substantial need for the Enterprise architecture practitioners to work with Human Resource and businesses to ensure that the adoption and implementation of advanced learning machines is a success.

In conclusion, the factors that contribute to the advanced learning machine as new trend are worth mentioning. One of the most significant reason is that we use this technology on daily basis without even realizing it. In addition to the above, the key drivers such as increased compute power, information explosion, availability and ubiquity, and advanced algorithms are vital. Finally, it is crucial noting that contributions from major corporations create new possibilities such as speech and image recognition, specialized hardware, and communication and data standards. Hence, advanced machine learning enables new digital realities.