Contemporary HRM issues in the Media

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Contemporary HRM Issues in the Media 4

Contemporary HRM Issues in the Media

Contemporary Human Resource Management Issues in the Media

Every organization contains a different type of resources which contributes to the overall business progression. Human resource is among the resources that contribute the primarily business thrive. Therefore, if human resource is not well managed which involves personal skills and knowledge is likely to collapse since the human resources control all the utilization of the other resources. The aim of this case study is to assess different articles that constitute the nature of the contribution of human resource in various scenarios.

Article one: Terry White franchise loses unfair dismissal claims after fair work rules HR advice from the dead office didn’t come into play

This article dresses the cases of Terry White cooperation which lost its case to Rebecca McConnell who claimed that the dispensary heard fired her without any notice and thereby under the act of Small Business Fair Dismissal Code the court found it rightful for the claimer to be compensated. Before Terry White was sold to the new owners (Kenny and Louise Yuen), McConnell was employed as franchisees. However, after the business ownership was sold to the new owners, the acquisition rose against McConnell that she didn’t present a satisfactory performance. McConnell argued that the new task that the new managers assigned her were not part of her duties (front shop duties). In any firm the firing of workers must a line with the law set by the national state in question. Nevertheless, each employee ought to uphold high performance in the duties delegated (Sinclair & McKendrick, 2012)

Though firing of those workers who seems resistant to respond to the firm new roles may be imposed, another issue arises when replacing the dismissed workers. For instance, through the Terry White new managers may dismiss McConnell since she refused to perform extra duties that were delegated to her, still finding a replacement may be more challenging since the managers are not guaranteed to find an experienced personnel in the same field. Therefore, downsizing strategies bring a great challenge especially when the personal experience element is considered. The new managers are not sure whether the new replacement will perform better than McConnell she/he maybe she may fail ultimately to carry out the tasks while else returning the dismissed worker may be difficult since such workers will perhaps secure another place to work. Though employee performance is the critical issue when it comes to gauging the overall organization performance, downsizing strategies should be assessed efficiently to outline all the possible losses that the organization in question may face. Some precautions that have to be taken are that. For instance, Terry White is at risk of losing its reputation since it lost the McConnell case.

Losing such a case which has greater influence to its other employee may result in the reassignment of the other employee from the company who may fear to be treated the same way. Such a significant influence may lead to the business collusion since a business cannot run without human resource. In addition, such an act of dismissing a worker without notice or in some unfair instances may kill the morale of the other employees which will significantly affect the overall performance of the company. Therefore, any organization ought to develop an effective downsizing strategies that will consider the impact of such act to the business in future.

Article two: skill shortage are pushing high-growth companies offshore

This article addresses the newly formulated law that gauges the capabilities of an employee to a given assigned task. The chief executive of Matt Barrie argues that the Sydney’s lockout law aims to scrutinize the caliber of workers skill to be deployed on various duties in the technological firms in Australia. The probation of the cribber of technology workers that falls below the quality threshold of the skills needs in both the management of the companies that requires technological expertise and the technical machine operates such engineers will make the survivals of the youth that live in the cities hard. Most of the youth possess little skills and whereby they acquire the skills in the local institution that perhaps lacks what it takes to nurture a standard qualified personnel to work in high growing companies which offer the biggest percentage of job opportunities in the country.

This Sydney’s lockout law will enable the Australian government to control the stream of workers from the US who minimizes the job chances to the native citizen. Nevertheless, the various firms are unwilling to employ staffs with little skills and instead it’s better off to hire a personnel at a greater cost and assure the company of the quality result given. The element of skill and experience, therefore, controls the nature in which the employee selection is made. The remedy of the existence of a low-skilled stream of workers how puts firms at greater risk of collapsing can be performed by increasing the quality of the education offered in a technological institution as well as the number of student intakes per year. However, there is a high possibility of the graduate lacking a place to secure a job due to the disproportionate of the number of the graduates and the vacancy. For instance, as Farquhar stated that the number of Atlassian’s graduates’ intake in February this year in both Australia and New Zealand was 50 more that the amount of the stuff hires by Brisbane. Therefore, human resource is determined by the quality of skills that an employee can deliver. Development of models that can aid the well-being of an institution will also depend on the employee capabilities in resultant fields.

According to this article, human rescuers can, therefore, be improved through training. Also, another thought developed in this article is that mixing the experienced and the newly graduated or recruited workers to improve the overall quality of the human resource through improvement of the workers competences. A well-selected team of workers with ample standard of the skills required to huddle given task improves output hence improving the profit generation. In a big technological organization, human resource information systems are used to enhance maximization of human resource management. Development of software and automatics improve the quality of the work provided by the employees. In addition, the usage of automatics helps in reduction of capital cost since the firm is able to employ a few number of skilled members.

Article three: Latrobe article

This article addresses the La Trobe’s share in Victoria and how it could be used to assist the student who attains the ATAR of 80 and above. The strategy aims to provide aid to the resultant percentage of student who is joining the universities from 7.1% to 12%. Provision of such a plan will enable the country student share in the market to reduce due to the increase of the graduating students. Though such an ideas contribute significantly to the improvement of human resource as a substantial number of the student will able to peruse high learning courses, the strategy still has some limitation. As NTEU’s Mansell Lees argued that the existing teaching staff in the country already have high teaching load. The increasing the number of the university intake will even restrain the teachers leaving them with less time for doing their research to an extent of reducing even the 15% existing time they have (The Australian, 2013).

Research is a vital element not only in developing the technological standard of a country but also improving the human resource in the form of skills quality and experience. In addition, the existing budget deficit condition which is the funds used to support the education progress triggers the risk of losing more than 300 job vacancies in the teaching discipline. A rough calculation estimates that the flagged budget deficit of 52-64 US dollars would result in 400-500 job losses in the education discipline. Under such condition where the state is unable to support fully recruitment or learning activities, development of technological strategies such as the teaching staff can teach a substantial number of the learner through channels such as online learning will rectify the situation at hand with about 50% reduction of education cost. In addition, such strategies will not only reduce the budget deficit but also increases the teaching staff skills hence improving the human resource quality. However, such remedies should be assessed well before implemented to clarify whether they possess a hidden disadvantage. For instance, high use of technology will reduce most of the work which in turn facilitate the shedding off some teaching staffs since a single worker can complete more work which perhaps was handled by a team of ten employees. Nevertheless, the use of technology will create more time for the teaching staff to conduct research in their respective subjects. In addition, before implementation of any strategy, the key factor to be considered will be the quality of the education offered to the student. The state should ensure that all the institution do not fall below the threshold, such standard of the education quality will make sure that the state does not recruit students who are unable to perform their work efficiently. Therefore, in any given state in Australia should focus on improving the human resource quality but not quantity.

Article four: Dickson Smith electronic retail project collapse

The closure of Dickson Smith electronic retail project as published in Harry Tucker Feb this year was as a result of the organization poor management. As the Ferrier stated in his final report in the disbursement of the employee funds, said that the retailers will close in a month, and the respondent employee refunded in a period of two months (Harry 2016).

The resultant poor management in Dickson Smith electronic retails due to the observed increase in depth as a result of poor management. In this scenario, the control of the human resource significantly contributed to the failure of the company progress. In any given organization, the management team serves as the head that provides the overall direction of the firm under the control of the strategies set which a line with the business objectives set. If the management team fails, the resultant company will collapse as in the of the Dickson Smith electronic retails. The human resource that lacked in this cases is the skills of the managerial staffs. The management team requires a knowledge of balancing the income and the profit generated by the firm. If the business requests a certain amount of funds, the manager team ought to set the strategies explicitly stated to minimize any misuses of funds. For instance, a temporally supportive staffs may be created to oversee the utilization of the borrowed funds. If proper management of the funds is not observed, the resultant scenario will be that the firm will be operating in deficit since there will be a great chance of a substantial amount of funds getting wasted in the process of amending the intended project. Therefore, the management team members ought to possess two elements to guarantee efficient operation of the firm. First, in each department whether the sales or the financial ought to employee a manager with the qualified skill to operate the unit all resources that the department serves. Secondly, work experience is one of the very vital element which gauges the personnel capability to handle the task given. For instance, a staff member may have the documents that show his/her qualification to a certain task, however, lacks the experience which comes with the nature of exposure of different situation that is related to the work to be assigned.

With a substantial experience of the operation nature of the work given which can also be defined as excellent knowledge of the field in question help the personnel assigned the task to know how to huddle different cases of work. Having a substantial experience on the field given, enable the employee to predict the outcome of taking a particular move easily. For instance, when borrowing some funds, an employee may have a background knowledge on how to manage the resources to be fully utilized in accordance with its situated work. Therefore, with such skills an employee will able to make a pronounced judgment on the different situation with the confidence of success.

Article Five: The U.K Company Offers Menstrual Leave, Provides Work-Life Balance

This article address types of leaves an employee ought to be given when she/he become sick. The primary message of this article was to discuss the sort of working policies that a given organization ought to develop to regulate the leave give to female workers when they are in their menstruation period. Sarah Sipek, the author of this article, argues that despite addressing other issues that affect both genders, female workers leave ought to be considered especially during their menstrual period. However, there is a rising issue of women taking advantage of the menstrual permission to spend a considerable number of days by faking the situation which incurs the firms a greater loss in the overall company performance as company’s director Bex Baxter argued (Sarah, 2016).

Development of the leave policies that considers both sides the company and the employee need is a vital element that improves the employee performance. Since some women experience serious problems during their ministration periods which may take more days that the set standard of the firm in question, such as the three days leave gender equity 2013 law implemented in Taiwan as John Guillebaud argued, special policies have to be developed in such unique cases. Therefore, the ministrations leave strategies to care the employee needs through reduction of the working difficulties. Reduction of the labor difficulties is one way to maximize the human resource production (Lim, 2015).

Denying such leaves will not only reduce the moral of the employee but also will be an element of losing the workers or quitting of the employees. Retention of the employees is one of the policies that promise a business process, and it also predicts the future of business. In addition, if the ministration condition may take more that the set time for a female employee to resume to work, some strategies may be put in place to remedy the loss of human resource. For instance, a firm may set a rule that if the ministration leave exceeds three days, the corresponding days will be compensated for the weekends and overtime hours while also considering the fact of overloading the workers. Therefore, offering a leave should not be regarded as charity but instead should be viewed as a way of offering the female employee an opportunity to improve their working performance. Placing a fix leave time with restriction may act as a barrier for some women who experience some a critical condition during their periods. In this manner, therefore, a firm is at significant risk of losing the able and high qualified personnel due to such working policies. Therefore, before a company set the working policies that will govern all employees, it should consider not only the employee health conditions irregularities but also other duties that they have to perform such as caring for the old.

Article six: Shorten To Target Under-Employment, Inequality

This article published on March 14th, 2016 by Mark Kenny addressed the impact of political or the government in question on the improvement of human resource. The author assesses the current political on the election of the Australian prime minister and the working policies that how outlines in his manifesto that will improve the current issues concerning job opportunities securement and improvement of the welfare of the workers.

All regions organizations in the word that serve under the control of the federal government in question adheres to the government policies which are uncontrollable since it’s the government in question that generates it. Therefore, government policies may either aid improvement of human recourse or reduce human resources quality. As Jenny responded, the state in which the Australia Labor quality, he indicated that it’s not compatible compared to other adjacent regions such as the UK. Therefore, if the condition is not rectified, there would be a greater chance of Australia graduates losing the market. In addition, he said that most of the Austrian workers work under part-time who are not employed as permanent employees. The substantial numbers of the part-timers who depend on the jobs that exist in a short time are paid low wages lowering their living start dad. Therefore, for the government to control the quality of its labor it has to consider some element by constructing the improvement of human resource in the country. First, the government ought to consider that quality of the training its citizen is being given. Also, it has to make sure that a good number of its people can access quality training and education which will embed them with the skill to perform different works. For instance, though China serves as one of the world regions with the highest population, the government of China was able to satisfy its population by introducing citizen training policy that ensured that each member state citizen had skills to enable him/her perform various tasks or employed. In the current situation, China is among the leading world electronics producers (Mark K. 2016).

The government should consider offering all the human resource improvement homogeneity, for instance, most of the world government tend to overstress its labor improvement in the town neglecting the rural areas. In this cases theretofore tend to form a kind of subdivision where the population that lives in the urban centers are more skilled that those who live in the remote areas. In order to fully implement the improvement labor policy, the government ought to develop rural area employment development strategies such as the construction of training institutions in the countryside which will motivate studying in the remote areas. Some of the efforts that Australian government has made to rectify inhomogeneity distribution of labor skills management funds is through subdivision of the country into states or counties with the respondent governors such that each region within the state is assured to be considered in the overall government budget.

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