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Consumer Behavior


The type and quality of a company’s logo affect the perception of potential customers to the brand, company of product.

  • Logos are foundational visual brand elements, and changes after some time are met with consumer criticism.

  • Customers often associate circular shapes with softness/comfortableness and on the other hand angular shapes with hardness/durability.

  • Consumers generate imagery after seeing a logo which affects influences their decision making.

  • A person’s motivation to generate imagery during the processing of information and the available capacity to do visuospatial information processing affects mental imagery generation.

  • Complimentary verbal ad Headline strengthens the effect the logo has to a customer.

  • Product judgment is far more complex than attribute judgment because it involves other factors such as price and model.

  • The effect of logo shapes is diminished when consumers have to keep other visual information in their mind simultaneously.


  1. An organization should complement their logo with an Ad headline to have a stronger effect on the customers.

  2. The shape of the organizations should correspond to the target market of a product. Therefore, it is important to research and understand the characteristics for example gender and to some extent, the personality traits common to your target market group.


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