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Consider the readings and provide a word commentary to accompany your visual regarding the Essay Example

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Article analysis


Article 1

The first article discusses the information on master builders, it gives the similarities and difference between the current construction designs and the old versions of constructions. It is noted that the experimental architectures had to find contractors and fabricators capable of digitally driven production process and who were able to move with changes in technology.

The paper gives a brief history of architectural and how it came to disassociate themselves with the builders where initially they were being considered as builders. In the 19th century, architectures were in charge of all building construction, they had the central most powerful position in the production of buildings, stemming from their mastery of the material and the means of production. During the time of renaissance, the traditional builders were swept away with the cultural, societal and economic shifts of the renaissance as the technological changes were taking place at a very high speed. The disassociation between the builders and the architectures started to widen in the middle of the 19th century and the cause of this was when the drawing materials became contract materials.

Scholars have failed to agree whether the drawings emerged in the building industry due to the fact that they need to separate design and construction or whether their introduction produced the current separation. This is a discussion which is not about to end in the near future. With the emergence of technology in the construction and architectural industry has revolutionized the sector. Most of the architectures who took advantage of the technology improved the production and were able to open up new found ability to digitally generate and supply the manufacturing information to fabricators and contractors. The founders championed for the utilization of the technology to ensure that the new technologically designed architectural designed are produced by keenness. The use of technology would result to more quality designs and design process would be much better.

With many benefits, there are many challenges which the paper highlights. The sharing of the digital data among the parties in the building process to some extend is a challenge and is being discouraged by professional code of ethics. The currents ethics defines the professional liability if an architecture transmits a digital model to contractor he or she become liable for any problem arising from the digital error. It is inevitable that the architectures have found themselves working across discipline and this is a challenge that they have to live with and accept.

Article two

William Mitchell discusses the new world of designs and fabrication machines which are used in the architectural world. The paper discusses different types of algorithms used in production of the three dimension designs. For instance, if a designer wants to be more sophisticated, one can write an algorithm that is executed to expand the input data into a complete model design. After this, one need to parameterize procedures to help in generating various standards parts. In the new error for the 3D designs the complexity of building type can be defined as the length of the shortest procedure that can help expand parameter values into explicit instances.

Computer aided design has resulted to increased speed in the design and efficiency has increased in the process. This is advantage of the emerging technology in the architectural design. The use of the computer aid is not simple as started in the paper and one has to invest much time in ensuring the success of the designs. For instance, to specify a rectangular beam, one need to provide length, width, height and position parameters.

One can say that both computer aided design and other systems allow designers to model instances of certain types of artifacts. The essential properties that characterize the types and are common to all instances of that type are encoded in the software making it more easy and comprehensive to the users. One is able to derive designs from the design software’s which are specifically designs to produce different designs. It is important to think of derivation of designs in a multilevel instantiation process as it combines the geometric primitives to construct architectural vocabulary elements which one can do the same with the inbuilt vocabulary elements to create subassemblies, then help in creating a higher level subsystems within the designs.

It should be noted that the use of computer aided designs in the construction process need mostly three types of elements which the users must invest it. This include creating codes that help in establishing design world for exploration. Production of the digital model through application of the code and design development which are very important factors to succeed in computer aided design in the modern architectural designs and construction industry