Consequences of plagiarism

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Consequences of plagiarism

Highlights of the case

In a case of plagiarism in the business world, in April 2016, Ste. Genevieve Media LLC, which owns a newspaper publisher called Ste. Genevieve Herald, sued Daily Journal, which is based in Missouri, in a case of litigation for plagiarising its articles in at least 18 cases. The articles that had been published on had been republished on without permission or acknowledgement of as the original author (Kirn, 2016).


The case has had various implications on the Daily Journal, as it is supposed to pay damages estimated at $25,000. The Daily Journal has also suffered significant reputational damage, as it is associated with ethical practices, and may reflect on declining revenues (Kirn, 2016)..

Implications to the course

The case scenario has several implications to the course. It implies that as a student, I have to recognise the significance of referencing or acknowledging the original author in academic work to avoid plagiarism. For instance, in the suit, Ste. Genevieve Herald claimed that the Daily Journal had failed to acknowledge their company as the source in 18 cases of plagiarism.

It also shows that plagiarism has legal repercussions of plagiarism, as the original author has the right to sue. This implies that I have to understand that plagiarism is a criminal offense, which may lead to monetary repercussions, where the original author may demand that the court grants him or her monetary restitution. It also has ethical implications. As a student, I may destroy my reputation and possibly be suspended or expelled from the university.


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