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Last conference was a special one for the Students Association in Australia hosting The Inaugural National Student Alliance in our school. The main conference took Place at the University hall with over 40 participants who engaged in presentations, questions and answer sessions and a guest visit. The conference included a range of topics such as ideas for Australia in Media culture, communication, and diversification, future outlook of students, career paths foreign investment and opportunities.

The main purpose of the conference Amendment hereinafter (the Amendment) is to bring a balance in the positions of the:

  • The special needs of participants addressed, for example dietary and access requirements

  • What action was taken to address these needs?

  • Session time and location changes

  • Additional catering requirements

  • Speaker cancellation

In order to attain this goal it amended several common conference positions which had been substantially unfair to individuals. It is the purpose of this paper to discuss and critically examine the changes brought by the Amendment in particular the budget. This paper shall refer to previous conference.

Effective conference

). Try not to disappoint them .At times conferences create a bad influence on the teams and organizations if you are not in a position to reflect the themes as it is. Try to make every conference effective not efficient. Always believe that conferences are part of the creative process, not a distraction from it.Hager, 2014When you called the team for a conference whether it is formal or informal, team expects something from you. Team wants to hear from you loudly irrespective of the matter (either positive or negative) (

In day 1 we started with registration for the participants arriving from different provinces and cities. A student networking session took place from the afternoon up until late at night as more and more delegates arrived at the venue. A senior student as well as the president of the Student Society came in the morning and gave her full support and assistance in making sure last minute preparations and students coming in went smoothly. In the evening a little Dinner was arranged for the few students who were present including the conference team who were briefed on the work they will be doing in the next two days.

Overview of the Presentations

Media as most of us think of it is news and movies, TV shows and Magazines. But media is much more than that; it consists of all kinds of creation such as painting, graphic and digital arts, social media, applications, music, cinema, theatre, writing, pottery, carving, sculpture, software and games.

Limiting ourselves to what we already know, or think we know, would be a monumental disservice to the vast numbers of people across the country and, it is across the entire country that media needs to be developed and nurtured in every way.

The last thing we need to do is restrict those vast media resources entry into the future of a connected country. Thousands of people are out there creating some kind of soft or hard media in every corner of the world.

To put it in a nutshell Media is information, information is data and, data can be distributed quickly and efficiently from anywhere to anywhere, when there is someone with access to a digital device.

The Question and Answer session sparked a lot of Ideas and release a lot of emotions about the state of media, information dissemination and creativity in Australia. The students were very engaged in the discussion and pointed out a few key factors of the lack of skilled creative manpower in some parts of the country and how this is what the students should be focusing on during their studies. Not just equipping themselves technically but creatively also.

Media Survey Response

Plan and Manage a conference

Findings on conference budget preparation

  • Majority of the staff do not prepare a conference budgets. Those that prepare and use conference budgets, use poor techniques.

  • Budgets of the business conference are prepared based on previous conference budget plans.

  • In most conferences, response rate to Users’ Complaints about defects are delayed due to delays being suffered by the participants and staff members.

  • In addition, previous conference budget in which cash was approved and released still re-appear in the following conference budget for implementation.

  • Many of the conference attendants base their maintenance budgets preparation on forecast.

  • ).Rivlin, 2005Most attendants do not carry out regular follow-up work on their previous conferences. This is due to the following: adoption and use of in-effective and in-efficient conference method, delays in approving and releasing conference cash, and adoption and use of in-appropriate conference strategy (

  • ).Shannon & Lacerenza, 2017Majority of the staff do not prepare and use maintenance control toolkit. And, the absence of its use prevents the timely approval of conference budget, and adequate release of conference cash (

Amended five days conference budget

Amended five days conference

NO. of delegates

NO. of events

Cost per individual ($ )

total cost ($ )

Expenses ($)

Staff costs / room cost1)

AV support staff and Custodian costs

Assistance for registration

Travel Cost

The costs are approximated using area of residence, Travel fair are based upon economy air fares and include Taxi fare in the country only.2)

Speaker 1 & 2 (John & Tony ): Flight fare + taxi from station

$ 250 each

Speaker 3 (William), Speaker 4 (Elizabeth)

$ 300 each

Speaker 5 (Mary), speaker 6 (Peter)

$ 250 each

Speaker 7 (David), speaker 8 (Jack)

Accommodation cost

Accommodation cost is based on hotel room rates. They can be dropped accordingly if hotel owner can provide discount.

Speakers 1, 2, 3 — one night

Speakers 4, 5, 6 — two nights

Speaker 7, 8 — 3 nights

Catering Cost

College Dinner (for conveners, chairs, speakers)

Film shooting cost

Estimated cost per presentation: 2hrs shooting and 2hrs editing

Total Sum

$ 4,989.91

Contingency Cost

30% of expense

$ 1,496.973

$ 6,486.883


Contributions from external and internal sources, e.g., departmental staff, sponsors and government

Delegate fees3)

Delegate complete fee

Discounted fee delegate

administrative assistance hotel staff

organization total contribution4)

$ 2,148.64

and whether the conference is happening in or out of
Saturday. Prices may vary according to which days of the week the conference is taking place, whether there are any evening events scheduled
five days

Travel cost: all Speakers must be added addition return travel. Their total expenses are after the conference. In case of any claims a receipts should be provided as a supporting document. NB/ the organization is not responsible for any miscellaneous. 2)

It is hotel policy to set organization delegate cost at a rate to averagely cover the price of catering, and then include the cost for the full fees.3)


Plan and Manage a conference  1

Plan and Manage a conference  2

Plan and Manage a conference  3


More presentations of particular interest to employment opportunities for students would be very beneficial as reflected from the findings. It also important to brief presenters on how to present to their audience. The conference managers should also pay more attention on the needs of the presenters. Thank you for everybody who contributed to the success of this conference.


Recommendations on Budget Preparation

  1. : Many staff use the previous conference budgets to prepare the current conference budget with only a percentage increase, and the current prices of building components and materials.Previous conference budget plus a percentage

  2. ”. However, the best approach is to conduct reconnaissance surveys of the built environment (to identifying the existing defects, and possible future defects). The defects identified are measured and priced in order to give accurate budget figure. In addition, for prompt approval and release of conference cash, the maintenance control toolkit could be attached, such as, conference programme, conference schedule, participant satisfaction, and register (Garner, 2004). The use of Bills of Quantities are also very essential, to allow for competitive tendering. However, the preparation, and the use of conference budget helps in saving conference costs by avoiding conference over-run.Some based the budget preparations on “Forecasts

Recommendations for improvement to assist in the success of future conferences

  1. Be “simple” :

Ask them questions, if team does not have an answer never discourage them, just explain them from zero (0). If team knows, just ask them to explain what it is and why? Don’t interrupt. Use simple and straight words to explain the core point for the conference.

  1. :Introduction

introduction to get the attention of the team then try revolving around. Else carry on by setting the core point as your introduction and explain the other miscellaneous activities. awesomeIf two or more leaders are going to part of the conference ask one of them to give an

  1. :Bullet points

Use bullets to explain the thing even if you are not using PPT. Use the black board, shoot the bullets with whatever the direction audience will not only love your points but they remember.

  1. Sequence :

Prioritize your points and strictly follow the sequence. Importance of the points/theme vitally contributes the success of a conference. If you start with a less importance theme, you will definitely fail to attract the attention of the audience.

Humor has the capacity to redirect any kind of information to positive information. It also has the ability to make other people to accept your point of view. Use humor as much as possible. Don’t frighten them with negative words.




Please in this section provide the information requested below by circling [O] or writing the appropriate response as applicable to you.

  1. Which sector do you work with?

    1. Government institution

  2. Which section do you work in?

    1. Administration

    2. Finance faculty

Other specify…………………………………………….

  1. What is your work?


  1. How much do you receive per month (after tax?)

US $ ………………………….


Please kindly fill the following by circling [O].

  1. Do you believe that budgeting is important for a conference requires a budget?

  2. When BUDGET is mention of what comes into your mind?

    1. Chances for growth

    2. expenses

    3. wastage of time

Other specify……………………………………………

  1. Does your Institution encourage you to perform well in your budget?

  1. If yes what are some of the things used to encourage you?

  1. You can circle [O] more than one.If no what are your reason(s)?

    1. Lack of appreciation

    2. Low salaries

    3. unsafe working conditions

    4. No chances for amendment

    5. Other please specify………………………………………………………..

  2. You can circle [O] more than one.What encourages you to perform write a budget?

    1. recognition

    2. chances for growth

    3. safe working conditions

    4. Other specify……………………………………………………………………………

  3. Please rank the following factors of conference motivation according to how important they are to you

1) Very Important 2) Not too Important

Interesting work

Appreciation of work well done

Indicate whether you Agree = 1, Disagree =2

Or Not Sure=3 with the statement, by ticking [√].

Working conditions and the budget itself

The environment in which I work there is an organization budget

I have sufficient time to do my budget

All the materials and equipment I need to budget with are available

My budget is enough to meet my normal expenses

My regular budgeting is fair as compared with other workers


My co-workers are friendly and helpful

My co-workers are easy to communicate with

Policies and Administration

There are clear rules and regulations of budgeting

I understand the rules and regulations surrounding budgeting

Budgeting policies are based on one’s abilities


My immediate boss is very friendly

My immediate boss is very respectful

My immediate boss is concern about my budgeting

The budget itself

I have control over how I do my conference budget

I am informed if changes are taking place

my duties and responsibilities are clearly defined


My efforts at conference are appreciated by others

I receive regular feedback on how I am doing at the conference


I am given the chance to take part in decision making

I am allowed to used my own ideas and skills

Growth and Advancement

I have opportunities to learn new conference skills

There are opportunities to further my education

There are opportunities to advance to more senior position

Please kindly provide answers to the questions below

  1. In general, are you satisfied with your job?

  2. If yes what are your reasons?


19. If no what are your reasons……………………………………………………………………………

Thank you for your cooperation. Please check to make sure you have answered all questions.


. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education, Inc.Education finance for school leadersGarner, G. W. (2004).

. Frankfort, Kentucky: Legislative Research Commission.Performance-based budgeting: concepts and examplesHager, G., Hobson, A., Wilson, G., & Sherman, R. (2014).

Human Resource Management Review, 2017 Communication in virtual teams: a conceptual framework and research agenda, Shannon L. Marlow, Christina N. Lacerenza, Eduardo Salas,

. Basel: Karger.Guide to organizing an international scientific conferenceRivlin, G. (2005).