Concept maps Essay Example

6Concept maps


Concept maps are the drawings that are logically used to represent knowledge and ideas in a hierarchical manner. The use of concept mapping has been popular in learning environments where they have helped to support the process of learning (NR International, 2006). The concepts are usually put inside boxes or circles and the relationships between the concepts are usually indicated by using lines or arrows. The linking of the concepts succinctly indicates the relationships that exist between the said concepts. Most concepts use single words that show the relationship that are there in the concepts.

The representation of concept maps is seen to follow a hierarchical manner where the most inclusive and general concepts are placed at the top of the map while the concepts which are more specific are arranged below. The manner of arranging this will depend on the domain of the knowledge that is being applied or considered. It is therefore advisable to construct concept maps in regard to some question that is being answered. These are what are commonly referred to as the focus question. The concept map is usually used look for information on some issue that we are trying to learn. The use of concept maps is therefore to bring out the context of the knowledge that is being presented (Kane, Trochim, & Trochim, 2007).

There is also the use of cross-links in concept mapping. The use of cross-links helps to bring out the relationship between concepts to be more explicit in the different domains. The links help to show how one concept in one domain of knowledge is related to another concept in another domain of knowledge.

Applications of concept maps

Concept maps are used a thinking and organizational tool as they show concepts explicitly. It is used to externalize and make the conceptual knowledge explicit. This way the users will be able to understand the real meaning of the concepts that are to be uncovered. The fact that concept maps help to visualize knowledge helps us to understand the knowledge and will also foster discussion. It is used as an organizational tool given the fact that it is hierarchical and therefore helps to bring out the relationships that exist in the caliber of the said organization. It shows the authority levels that ate found in an organization. It helps employees to know who reports to who and who to go for some information.

My experience with using concept maps

Concept maps have been very instrumental in my learning process. The use of concept maps has helped me to conceptualize many ideas in my learning. Most of my experience is using concept maps has been in my studies. Most of the subjects I do have information technology concepts. These concepts would have been an uphill task for me to grasp were it not for use of concept maps. These maps have helped me to get clear meaning of the computer concepts.

Thesis statement

Cloud computing has been an interesting area in my studies. Cloud computing is a computing service where software is offered as a service. There are two aspects of cloud computing which is software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). My interesting part is PaaS where the storage of data is done in a cloud. The security of the database in a cloud computing architecture is of paramount importance to any organization. What are the access policies that an organization has in the data stored in the cloud. What are the agreements that the cloud computing providers with the data owners? (McKevoy, & Schulze, 2008).

Concept map 1

Privacy on the Internet.

Concept map 2

Privacy on the Internet. 1


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