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Computers R Us Analysis

Computers R Us


Problem Statement

The company is renowned for its quality services and outstanding capacity to deliver effective repair of iPhones. However, the bid to enhance its operations has been characterized with the initiative to drive the company’s revenue. In recent accounts, the company has sought to enhance its business projection through integration of CompleteCare division. Nevertheless, the new division has been experiencing significant challenges particularly in its technical operators within their telephone center (Kwasny, 2013). Besides, there has been a major challenge on the company’s courier services that has been unreliable hence challenging the performance of the business due to inefficient transportations.

The complete care segment also experienced significant challenges with the supply of parts for some types of machines hence affecting their delivery capacity. These challenges have a far-reaching effect on the sustainability of certain proportion of clients for the company. Besides, these sentiments also create a robust impact on the satisfaction of clients, which may translate in reduced loyalty to the computer care center. To contain this problem, the Computers R Us must engage the right mechanism to mitigate the challenge and enhance customers’ satisfaction for long-term engagement.

Purpose of the Study

This proposal therefore seeks to provide integral information regarding the challenge facing Computers R Us that would spearhead growth within the company. The determination of real effect of the challenges highlighted on the company’s long-term performance will be critical for this study. The choice between hiring of new trained personnel and training the current pool of professionals is important to determine as it constitutes some of the impacts of the company towards its client base. Besides, the encroachment of the IT market is characterized with high dynamics that leverage the performance of different players. Therefore, the information gathered in this proposal will provide the basis for establishment of a competitive framework for the Computers R Us besides expanding into new markets.

Research Design


The research design of this proposal will be based on a critical understanding of the computer repair market performance and demand. In particular, it will be pegged on understanding the strengths, opportunity and weaknesses of the market which will provide the rationale for the establishment of the department in the Computers U Rs computer company. This study will explore the potential strengths of the industry based on the potential areas of exploitation. For instance, the computer repair industry has gained significant momentum besides rapid development in computer technology in the 20th century. This study is designed to collect information from the entire market perspective including, students, workers, government personnel or agencies and other corporate entities who are the potential consumers of the PCs from the Computers R Us as well as other manufactures. The robust coverage will inform the choice of markets and company’s profile development including its commencement of the computer repair department.

Market Situation

Any computer systems regardless of whether enterprise-scale servers or low-end desktops require time-to-time repairs. This aspect opens the opportunity for small enterprises to serve and narrow down on the target market as they wish. This study will explore the variance in the market opportunities which are characterized with varying flow of needs in computer repairs across different target markets. For the Computer R Us, it has been selling the gadgets to the consumers across different regions (Zyda, 2009). This aspect forms the first strength of the company as far as the formulation and execution of business development portfolio of the company in the repair and maintenance segment.

This study will also focus on the ubiquitous nature of the computer technology that has been witnessed year after year. In this regard, the variance in the nature of maintenance and repair needed is also a basic factor that will be considered elementary for the sake of this business entity. For instance, the IBIS World estimated the aggregate revenue from the computer repair industry to be at around $20.3 million as at 2010. However, the computer technology has not grown fully and the meaning computers fail on a regular basis to support repair industry. While this scenario present a development challenge, it also restricts the long-term growth but offers an opportunity for the computer manufacturers like the Computer R Us to venture and arrest the market for a long-term growth of the industry (Zyda, 2009). This proposal will focus on an analysis of the challenges that face computer repair shops rather than the presence or otherwise of well-trained professionals as in the case of the Computer R Us.

For instance, the computer repair shops often find it hard and almost impossible to serve large local area. In essence, huge computer repair services grow to large scale through opening up numerous outlets countrywide that run parallel to the traditional technology business approaches, which can serve the whole nation from the confines of a single office. The automation is also very hard within the repair industry. These insights will form the principal areas of concerns for the Computer R Us business unit while establishing the repair unit (Zyda, 2009). However, the business will attempt to capitalize on the weaknesses of the various business players that have surfaced a significant threat to the current technicians as well as the manufacturers in promoting long-term service enhancement to their perennial customers.

While it is very hard to operate from a single office in the repair and maintenance department, this proposal will evaluate the potential areas of establishment that the Computer R Us can establish its decentralized repair segments to enhance operations in the end. The company will also seek competitive mechanisms that they can automate some of the repair services including customer ordering and service offers through automated online platforms. This aspect would drive the company into momentous growth by virtue of enhancing its capacity to deliver quality care to the ever-flowing client base. This study will also explore some of the mechanism that can be adopted to ensure that the labor cost of Computer R Us remains relatively low amidst growing concerns for enhanced capacity development. The requirement for the repair work to be executed on a case-by-case perspective is credited with increased labor cost (Zyda, 2009). In this regard, this study will explore mechanisms that can be used to steer achievement of economies of scales despite the constraints of case-by-case handling of repair work that limit achievements of economies of scale.

This research will also explore the impact of advancement in computer technology that persistently generates new opportunities for small business enterprises. For instance, the rise in tablet PCs as well as the Smartphone has the potential to serve novel markets while raising the revenues for the repair shops from their existing clients. The cloud computing also generates opportunities for the small business segments for securing long-term and high profile contracts with the cloud service providers that perceive their service reliability as the main competitive advantage for their businesses. This study also focus on the continued sophistication of the computer technology and the main players within the industry that persistently gain experiences building upon more reliable machines. With the maturity of the computer industry, the computer technology is likely to become more reliable with minimal if any failures and less vulnerable to external threats (Kwasny, 2013). This scenario of robust computer market development is the main presupposition that defines this proposal based on the perceived growth points that the Computer R Us can exploit to enhance its market penetration, retention, and expansion in real time. This study will use an open-ended questionnaire as shown in the appendix a.

Sample Design

Research Goals

This investigation was concerned with finding out the place of new technologies in the day-to-day lives of the society as well as how the society engage with the momentous offerings that has been provided. This study will also focus on the manner in which new technologies and repair services are appropriated such as the adoption, struggling and learning processes, the non-adoption strategies notwithstanding. The particular issues of analysis will encompass the effects of knowledge, resources on ICT as well as the appropriation for the crossover and the reinforcement of strong boundaries. These elements are essential for the development of a repair network that sum up the potential of the company and the existing technology while boosting both the manufacture and repair business segments of the company. The following are the research aims of the study:

  1. To analyze the daily use and context of technologies within their broad as opposed to narrow definition covering the vast computer production and repair segment.

  2. To adopt a ‘person centered’ method of living with PC technology as opposed to traditional ‘artifact centered’ approach.

  3. To integrate a sociotechnical method of appropriation based on three distinct levels rather than system and artifact centered. The study will identify and recognize social-cultural aspects of innovation within the information society.

Research Questions

  1. What is the approximate growth in computer repair market?

  2. What factors limit demand for computer repairs?

  3. What skills are essential for enhanced performance of computer repair technicians?

  4. What are the approximate costs of taping professional technicians on a long-term basis?

Field Work Design

This study will build upon research executed in use of technology and the media in advancing market simulation for the new initiative in the department of CompleteCare at the Computers R Us. This study will use special tools and designs that will enhanced the research development and interpretation as follows:

Study the Adoption and Domestication of Computer Technology

Some studies in the technology world are focused to the establishment of use of technology within a social system within a given time under a stable situation. Others merely investigate the domestication process from the time the computer technology is adopted. In this regard, this study will institute a mechanism in which it will inspire adoption of computer repair technology from the manufacturer’s point of view besides creating a profile of technologies available for the computer clients in the server market. The analytical preview will establish robust growth portfolio that short-lives the performance quotient of the Computers R Us Company.

Budget and Timeline

Time (5 Months)


Approximate Cost ($)

1st – 15th

Development of instrumentation Plan

16th – 29th

Data Collection

1st – 18thth

Data Analysis

19th – 5th

Comparison and Confirmation

6th – 30th

Conclusion and Presentation

Dummy Table

Target Client

Class (Anticipated Purchasing power)


High school students (13-19 years)

Low demand – Low Purchasing power (LD – LP)

College Students (18-25 years)

High Demand – Medium Purchasing Power (HD – MP)

Individual Parents (above 25 years)

Low demand – High purchasing power (LD – HP)

Private Companies

Very High


Low demand – High purchasing power (LD – HP)


Low demand – High purchasing power (LD – HP)

Marketing Agents

Low demand – High purchasing power (LD – HP)


Kwasny, D. J. (2013). U.S. Patent Application No. 13/854,770.

Zyda, M. (2009). Computer science in the conceptual age. Communications of the ACM, 52(12).

Appendix a.

Sample Questionnaire

  1. Do you have a computer?

  2. What is the most enjoyable experience of a computer owner?

  3. Have you ever have a computer breakdown?

  4. If yes to (iii) above, what was your experience?

  5. What do you think computer repairs should entail?

  6. Where did you purchase your first PC, on tour or locally?

  7. How can computer repair technicians handle issues of warranty?

  8. Have you ever benefited from warranty of any gadget or computer?

  9. Do manufacturers have a moral role to offer support services for first time computer buyers?

  10. Have you had an encounter with automated computer repair services?

  11. If not, do you think it is possible to automate the service?

  12. What benefits do you think can be obtained from the automation of computer repair services?

  13. Is it possible to automate all computer and iPhone repair services?

  14. What is the approximate lifespan for a good business computer before breakage?

  15. What are the main assumptions while purchasing a new PC?

  16. Do you think computer literacy enhance maintenance of PCs?

  17. Would you advocate for voluntary computer lessons before purchasing of PCs?