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Naila Sensation Design Document


22 July, 2013

Naila Sensation Design Document

Naila Sensation <
http:// > web site was built due to interest in Battery charging system. I believe battery charging needs stable D.C flow. Therefore, use of the rainfall charging system provides stable D.C flow due to a constant flow to the motor driving the motor to charge the battery. Moreover, this system ensures zero emission to the ambient as there are emissions released by the charging system. This form of is clean, reliable and efficient energy at an affordable price. The business is virtual and the tag line, because the best solutions are felt is a word play on the Sensation part of the company name.

Lay out choice

A good layout gives the impression that the site is committed to give its client’s quality service as well as quality products. On the contrary, a bad layout can turn potential clients aloof. Moreover, this includes making the search bar easy to find, regardless of what page the client is on. The layout will be a two-column page. Each web page should display the business name, Business Logo, tagline, search bar and navigation tabs. The following are the web pages needed:

Home Page

Our Model- At every sub-page under our model, the products are to be displayed.

Contact Us — The Contact Us page displays the following information:

    • Physical address, contact numbers, location map

    • Client Feedback/ Inquiry Section/ Forms for client testimonials

    The theme picked is Twenty Eleven theme due to its simple and clean appearance. Naila Sensation would theoretically be a large company and even in its infancy would like to portray this image.

    Opted to have the content left layout with the side bar on the right since English is read from left to right so naturally the readers eyes would float left to start reading the web content before the eyes dart right to pick up content on the side bar.

    PHP is used as the scripting language for creating the web pages, while JavaScript, being a light weight, object oriented, cross platform language, is used within the web pages. For the text content of web pages, HTML is used; but in laying out each page, including the Flash presentations and pictures, CSS is used to separate style from content on the web page.

    Colour Choice

    I will incorporate is a neat professional layout but with high-tech features. This includes choosing the right web colors and proper font style/ size. Color combination, background effects, texture and other elements that contribute to the presentation of the entire domain are all handled through HTML scripting; it is through this that the design is enhanced and the presentation of the site becomes effectively attractive making the individuals responsive to the information that the site offers the surfers of the net. Since Naila Sensation aims at providing clean green solutions the colour green needed to be prominent on the website.

    It will be highlighted by the color blue, which stands out in the dark green color of the site’s header. As for high-tech features, I would like to make features in 3D. For instance, upon clicking a featured product a Flash presentation of it will be launched, showing its all features, accompanied by a short audio review of the usage.

    Image choice

    Upon navigating to the page containing books, one needs scroll down three times to reach the bottom of the said page- a feature that can be quite annoying and not user-friendly. Most of the other Images are supposed to add a sense of mystery or wonder and bring a cutting edge look and feel to the web site.


    Traffic overview

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    Bounce rate

    New visitors

    Break Down Analysis

    Zero visits meaning no one clicked a link from a different site, this means everyone who came to the site had some fore knowledge of the site, from maybe word of mouth. There is only two unique visitors and one visitor returned five times. A bounce rate of zero percent means no one left on the entry page meaning most people were interested in the content.

    Visitors over view

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    Unique visitors


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    Content Overview

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    This website records a healthy bounce rate at 0.00%. For a site with only three pages with 0 page views is also another good sign that the site is receiving healthy traffic and most visitors are taking time to browse the site before leaving.