Computer Practice Framework Essay Example

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Computer Practice Framework

Computer Practice Framework

Computer Practice Framework (CPF) helps in enhancing and transforming the curriculum. CPF significantly supports the development process of ICT focus and mode. This has greatly helped in the development process of curriculum, which helps in the enhancement of effective educational ICT. As a curriculum tool, computers are utilized in helping the children develop understanding, skills and knowledge in a curriculum area apart from IT. It has also been utilized as a mathetic tool; computers are utilized in the development of children’s capacity to learn and enhancing their learning approaches.

In the work places, most companies have adopted the use SPSS program in data analysis. SPSS greatly helps in carrying out research mainly to individuals with advanced degrees in market research and statistics. This statistical analysis is easily conducted through the employment of two key methods. The initial method involves the utilization of data management program. This offers a significant control regarding the organization of data. The analysis of data using SPSS is quicker since the program can easily locate the variables and cases in comparison to the utilization of spreadsheet where the user is expected to manually define the analysis relationship making the process slower.

This software supports Computer Practice Framework since the analysis process in the SPSS software is automated. It has helped in the effectiveness and efficiency of analyzing data. In regards to extend, if a student of taught on how to use the SPSS program, the student can become a peer tutor in impacting this knowledge to others. In the transformation of curriculum the SPSS program of data analysis can not take place in class context without a computer. In authoring the SPSS software, the student will be operating in the transform category.