Comparison of open source CRM Systems Essay Example

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Comparison of Open Source CRM System

Analyses of Modules and Features

Module/Features and functionality

Accounting, API, appraisal, billing, blogs, website builder, warehouse management system, survey, recruitment, quote builder, purchase, project management, point of sale, notes, manufacturing resource planning, emailing, live chat, lead automation, instant messaging, gamification, fleet, expenses, events, enterprise social network, employees, e-commerce, community builder, and business intelligence

V-Tiger CRM

Project management, case management, quoting, invoicing, sales orders, purchases orders, subscription management, customer portal, integrations, teams and access control, FAQ creation, automatic lead capture, opportunity prioritization, security management, product customization, performance reporting, email integration and extensions, notification, activity management and integrated calendar, inventory management, mass mailing, campaign management, customer support & service, account & contact management and lead management

Suite CRM

Reports for SuiteCRM, Analytic reporting tool PRO, Process manager 4.2, Timesheets professional edition, SweeterSync, SuiteCRM survey rocket, Outlook 365 and SuiteCRM integration, SuiteCRM Timesheets and invoicing, SuiteCRM survey rocket, QuickCRM, Proximity search, WordPress SuiteCRM customer portal pro, calendar map integration, kickoff, field customizer, SuiteCRM exchange integration, User activity analysis SuiteCRM, De-duplication preventive, CM and Sugar sequencing, scan identical leads, SuiteCRM for Gmail, Gantt project, accounts global view, Avaya integration, Kanban view, SuiteCRM login tracker, dynamic dropdown Pro,

OpenTaps CRM

Support VAT, integration with email marketing, address correction and lookup via USPS, tracking code management and reporting, management marketing campaigns, provision of quotes and order prioritization, customer case and service management, integration with email system, manage and share documents, share tasks and calendar with team, create forecasts and sales visibility, manage sales opportunities, and automation of sales and related processes.

The customers prefer the use of Odoo CRM because of numerous reasons. Odoo CRM provides a complete suite of numerous business applications that fulfills the requirements and needs of large organizations but also the system is built to advance the requirements of smaller organizations. The small organizations are able to adopt and utilize the CRM easily, and the interface is friendly and smooth creating an impressive experience to the customers/users. The design of Odoo is flexible and also integrates numerous components, which addresses the requirements of the complex organization. Odoo CRM is also an open source enabling different developers to contribute to its development and integrates the innovative needs of the consumers.

V-Tiger CRM

Users of V-Tiger can organize leads, contacts, and accounts and prioritize opportunities through the use of other automation tools such as SalesForce. It provides unique marketing modules, which enables the users to manage marketing campaigns. It also enables importing of contacts and leads with photographed business cards. It is possible to track information regarding consumer behavior in terms of purchases down to uniquely identifiable services and items. The users are able to build a knowledge base, which is accessible to the customers, which customers can utilize easily translating in improved customer service since the customers can easily access the information they are looking. The workflow system and document management system allows for automatic notification and attachment of different files to project tasks.

Suite CRM

SuiteCRM is premised on open source platform meaning it has a community of supporters to develop and improves its usage. It integrates the numerous modules including the component of open source in ensuring the diverse requirements of the consumers are met and fulfilled. Other benefits of CRM include augmented business operations, reduced costs meaning it is cheaper, faster reach, efficient customer support, and regular improvement. The users of the system are able to customize the modules to align with operational requirements and objectives.

OpenTaps CRM

The CRM assists the team to work together effectively and to use the current tools without the need of acquiring new software. The users of the platform can access the CRM such as from Gmail and the web, and even be able to embed into the business application system and existing order management. The users are also able to share activities, discussions, and emails to accomplish their respective tasks and activities.

Comparison of the Different Features


V-Tiger CRM

Suite CRM

OpenTaps CRM

Latest stable version

Enterprise version 10.0

Vtiger CRM 6.5.0


Implementation language

Server operating system

Linux, Unix-like, OS X, Windows

Support Mac, Windows,*nix


Windows, Linux, Unix

Database backed

MySQL, PostgreSQL oder Microsoft SQL Server.

Languages supported (Arabic)

Multi language support

Multi language support including Arabic

Multi language support

Multi language support

Attaching emails to business objects/email history

LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory support

Module builder

Yes supported through SuiteCRM Studio

Custom modules

Integrated third party app

Yes more than 2000 module, marketing apps, Google docs,

Yes such as live chat support, Outlook integration, Twitter

Yes more than 200 modules

Work flow

SMS integration

Client collaboration

Automatic lead system

Online/Offline Integration

Live support

Odoo Live Chat

Shared calendar and reminder tool

File sharing

Billing and invoicing

Contacts and contact history

Cost per user/month

Enterprise $240 and Online $20

$12 per month per user

Professional $40, Enterprise $65 and ultimate $150 per month

Free trial

One month

15-day trial

One month

One month free