Company strategic plan Essay Example

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Strategic goal

Operational activity


Person/ title


Expand our market share in the high-end, high-price point, luxury goods market.

Devise effective ways of advertising and promoting our products to customers.

Devise ways of ensuring that only the right target of customers are reached for purchases at any given moment.

high sales turnover of the luxury products.

High customer satisfaction index within any given operational period

Sales & Marketing Manager

6-8 months

Increase the proportion of our productive capacity devoted to the manufacture of luxury goods.

Employ personnel that are well knowledgeable and experienced in luxury goods design and manufacture.

Hire sales personnel well-acquainted with promotion and sales of luxury goods

Frequent pre-orders of luxury goods from substantial number of customers.

substantial number of inquiries about the availability of specific luxury products

Overall Management team/ production manager

6-8 months

Become known as the premium luxury goods manufacturer in our product category.

Formulate effective ways of designing and producing only luxury goods that customers relate with.

Conduct rigorous research and development activities to aid in coming up with top notch luxury products

A higher number of repeat customers for the specific luxury goods.

A high customer index rating in most of the notable marketing companies

Sales & Marketing Manager

6-12 months

Become known as an employer of choice for highly skilled people.

Adopt effective and scientific-based recruitment and selection hiring processes.

ensure to only recruit through such professional channels as university

graduate programs and HR consultancy agencies

Increase in the number of job applications from employees of rival companies.

A lower employee/management turnover ratio within any given period

HR Manager/ Management team

6-12 months