Community Service Providers Essay Example

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Community service providers are important in any society. In provision of their services, they are required by law to apply and uphold proper standards. The community service providers are always expected to act in a manner which is ethical, professional and competent. This essay describes community service providers’ ethical and legal responsibilities.

Community service providers are governed by legislations, standards and regulations that ensure provision of smooth and quality services. Ethical and legal responsibilities that community service providers are expected to adhere to include provision of safe and high-quality services and protection of workers and clients rights (Beer, Maude, & Pritchard 2003, p. 176). Documented policies, protocols and procedures are necessary as they act as guidelines and practices that are used in addressing regulatory, legal and ethical requirements by staff of a community service provider. Ethical conditions, regulations and legislation that are relevant to community service operations include health records, mental health, privacy and child protection legislation. Furthermore, disability, building, aged care and international and national standards also apply to their operations (Department of Human Services 2014).

In undertaking community service operations, it is a requirement that clients’ rights are upheld. These might be achieved through creation of organisational codes of conduct, ethics and practice as well as organisational service standards that all workers must adhere to in provision of their services to the clients (Nay, Garrat, & Fetherstonhaugh 2013, p. 104). It is also important to use a non-discriminatory approach by staff of community service providers to all individuals accessing or using their services. Diversities can be appropriately responded to by respecting individual differences and using client oriented culture already created. Reports should be made to appropriate persons such as law enforcement officers, legally appointed guardian or senior management member when rights of clients are infringed.


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