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11Care plan for community services


Disability has become a problem not only to this society but also to the entire world and especially in the developing world. The World Bank has come up with different approaches to implement projects that will ensure that some of these people are catered for. Due to the increased number of cases of mental disability, rehabilitation projects have been decided to stop the spread of discrimination against people with mental disability. Below are the main points of the project scope

  1. Challenges faced by mentally disabled children and adults

  2. Solutions to the problems

  3. Identification of the best alternative that is rehabilitation program

  4. Appraisal of the project

  5. Community inclusion

  6. Implementation process and procedure

  7. Monitoring and evaluation

  8. Expected outcomes

Care Plan for Community Rehabilitation

A community is a formal setting where people stay together, share different things for instance language as a form of communication, social amenities such as hospitals, schools among others. A community can only be functional when people understand and treat each other with at most care either by providing for the poor or disabled people. In a community, there are different kinds of people. Others may be rich while other a may be poor. Unless these poor people are given special care by the rich, it might prove to be very difficult to manage a community since the poor will then turn to be beggars.

In every contemporary community, there are many people whom are considered disabled. Disability comes in many forms for instance there are those who are lame, deaf, blind and mentally handicapped. Until today no tangible policies have been put in place to ensure that persons with disabilities are helped to enjoy their lives to the fullest they still remain a neglected lot whose plight is under the mercy of God. A visitor in any city will wonder whether disabled people are growing up in town or not. This is because in most cases these groups of people with special need turn to be beggars thus they flock the streets without fear since this is the only place they can earn a living. The real problem comes when the organs responsible for taking care of such people are held in serious politics with little or no attention at all to these people. Even with a lot of campaigns that disability is not inability, the government blatantly refuses and ignores the calls to take care of persons with disabilities. Thus these people continue to pile on the street. It is there fore due to this inconsistency in the service provision to such people, that an idea is formed to ensure that disabled groups and more specifically the mentally deterred individuals are given the best treatment to help the government eradicate this problem which is growing day in day out.

A rehabilitation program for the mentally disabled people in the community is the first thing to be put in place to reduce stigmatization. Stigmatization is a situation where people with mental disabilities are kept away, very far from other people. This is considered to be a great problem since these people are denied chances of interacting with other people in the society. For example in certain communities, there are parents who lock in their mentally disturbed young ones for fear they will be stigmatized. To stop this bad behavior by the mothers and any other person who might have the same idea, a rehabilitation centre should be built to ensure that mentally handicapped children are given the best treatment possible (Thonson, 2000,p.241)

For this program to run efficiently, government bodies such as parliament should enact laws which will illegalize any form of discrimination among the disabled people. If these people are given power and authority, they may help a country or a community in one way or the other. Even though the rehabilitation program will be running efficiently its prudent that the government sets aside some money which can be used to implement such services related to the wellbeing of the mentally sick people (Thomson, 2008, p.242).

Advocacy is an important approach that will be employed to ensure that the group gets what is right for them. In most cases it is very difficult to get representatives for the mentally retarded individuals. Because they are a minority group, it is important to lobby for funds on their behalf as they stay at the centre while care givers look after their progress. If advocacy is done in a professional manner, a lot of funds will be raised to take care of the minority (Thomson, 2000, p.242)

Additionally, to take care of these people, proposals need to be written to donors to fund the project; some money should be set aside to assist this group of people to improve their condition of living. It should also be ensured that at this particular point, medical assistance is given so that these people can gain access to treatment just like any other individual. Within this program educational facilities need to be put in place due to their importance in both child development and provision of information to the old people, education should be taken serious at all times to improve lives of the mentally handicapped individuals (Thomson, 2000, p.243).

Due to the fact that this is a special group, it is important to have special people to take care of them. The rehabilitation centre will train teachers at a reduced cost to ensure that those who deal with the disabled group are well trained to understand the changing pattern of disability and more specifically the mentally retarded groups. Provision of transport facilities to this group of people has been identified. Many people do not understand the disabled and shamefully fight for crowded buses without giving a chance to the disabled. To improve on this service, the rehabilitation project has a well organized procedure that will be used to provide modern form of transport to the disabled people. The advantage of having such a facility is generally to make the disabled feel recognized, at the same time ensure that they easily get services needed at their door step.

Access to public offices has been a history in the vocabulary of mentally handicapped people. Since there is no one to check what they eat and how they look like. The rehabilitation centre will provide avenues to assist them acquire services at public places in any given period of time. To fight ignorance on mental disability, the organization is seeking to create public private partnership to continue giving support in areas the organization cannot reach, but due to collaboration and networking there will be a wider coverage to give information on the dangers of stigmatization (Thomson, 2000, p.244).

Policy formulation is an important idea while taking care of the marginalized people in the community. Good policies that are to be developed will put the government on toes to check the plight of the disabled, to recognize them and acknowledge that they exist. Such policies will have impact on the side of the sick people since programs on sensitizing the disabled are well organized to show them that someone cares for them. This will give them hope in life again. (Great Britain 2008, p.152).

More so, it is important to incorporate the disabled in to the existing programs at a particular time. Should they be included, they will definitely feel as part of the project, thus they will have positive attitude towards the rehabilitation projects in the community and will share the information they have. Important skills may be realized and taped from them on a daily basis. Training will be given to those who can understand basic information to add on to the human resource and to improve their standard of living and improve on their socio-economic development (Le Croy & Winstone 2011, p.137).

Since this is a community based program, it is important to include community members for easy understanding of the concepts and the benefits of such a wonderful program .This can be achieved through social marketing where individuals may decide to advertise over the radio to sell the ideas on the importance of giving the mentally disabled a chance of participating in various activities.

Before implementation of any project, it is important to carry out project appraisal. The major importance of this process is to ensure that all the required processes are followed, risks identified and surety on project sustainability on the set goals and objectives is viable. In case a problem is realized, it will take the management team to review encountered challenges and there is understanding. The main objective of the appraisal is not to terminate the project but to come up with the best alternative for the project success (World Bank 2004).

Community mapping is an important aspect in the implementation process of any given project. To achieve the desired objectives of assisting people with disabilities in the community, it is important to take a transactional walk across the community .This is done with an aim of identifying the resources endowed within the community. Example of these resources are, human resource, existing public institutions such as churches and schools. Since most of the mentally handicapped children are being hidden from others, only community transactional walk can help identify and locate such people so that plans are formulated to assist them effectively (World Bank 2004).

Strengths of community members are important in the implementation process of the project. Since people have different talents, our project will tap the strengths these people have to help in the implementation process. For example community entry point is a strength which community members only can have. It may be very difficult for the project to be accepted in the community if there is no one to introduce it to the community. Thus community elders are important in this process (World Bank 2004).

Strategies to be used in Project Implementation

Since its said that prevention is better than cure its upon clinical officers in the country to take this daunting task of putting in place structural programs of immunization that would ensure early child hood diseases that affect the mental capacity of individuals are eliminated before they develop into chronic conditions in adult hood just like polio was eliminated through this practice. (US Prevention service task force, 1969)

Important legislations should be passed by parliament to ensure that the rights and needs of mentally disabled persons are spelt out in the constitution so that they are not neglected or pushed away from the normal society to go and die in social facilities for the aged as is the case with old people they should be embraced and made to feel at home with the constitution speaking for them. (Verbrugge, pp55, 1990)

For the promotion of the health of people with mental disabilities in the community traditional modes of prevention will have to be tailored to fit their needs. Mechanisms used in service delivery are important ways to ensure that people with mental disability are given the required services by engaging them in selected committees. People who are mentally disturbed should be made to access various health clubs that have facilities that are in consistent with their condition to enable them to cope with the condition rather than live in despair. (Figoni, 1998) Direct participation is encouraged to bring more people in the project management.

For persons who have already developed disability then its important that secondary intervention mechanisms are put in place through strategic measures such as physical exercises, good nutrition, physical therapy and use of aids to help them withstand their disability condition. as well as reduce its impact.

The other option if the disability happens in adulthood or is prolonged is to intervene through a tertiary mode where the disabled persons are not isolated as such but placed under rehabilitation with all opportunities enjoyed by others at their disposal. This is because for a person who has had impairment through out his long life restoring or repairing it may be futile thus rehabilitation comes in to prevent any further deterioration of their condition. Additionally, budgeting is a key aspect in the implementation process, without proper allocation of the resources in terms of money, it becomes challenging to implement any kind of project since money determines success and the well being of the mentally handicapped people in the society.

Prevention of disability initiatives in communities shouldn’t just focus on primary and secondary causes of disabilities but it’s prudent that even opportunities that arise be it educational. Jobs or any other enlightenment forum should be shared equally with persons with disabilities. It’s a bad trend that at any one given time unless persons with disabilities cry foul they are quietly pushed to the periphery as other groups share the opportunities that present themselves. (Merge, 1988) Logical framework is a tool used in the project planning and management, its advantage is that it gives clear information on the objectives, outputs, goals and the outcome that this project will achieve at the end of the day. For instance the expected outcome of the project is 1) better service delivery to the mentally disabled people at the end of the project period, 2) increased standard of living for the disabled at the end of the project. These will be the expectations (World Bank, 2004).

Monitoring and evaluation is the last part of the implementation process, this is squarely done to check if the objectives are met or not. Incase the objectives were not met during or within the project period, monitoring then determine and establishes where weaknesses were thus recommendations are made. At this point the project might be re -evaluated with possibility of performing some necessary changes (World Bank, 2004). In short, managing a project can be very difficult but when the above steps are followed keenly, the desired goals can be achieved. The community based project will be successful since it is inclusive in nature, with everyone being associated with its process. This approach will enable quick decisions to be made on complex issues concerning the project simply because the mentally challenged people are part of the decision making organ.


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