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2Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)

The chosen Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is poverty and hunger eradication through sustainable measures and in a healthy way. The practical steps that I will take support poverty and hunger eradication are as follows;

Teaching especially village women on the importance of giving proper nutrition to children, for instance, having training on how to feed children under the age of two years. This I plan to achieve through having training sessions in public gathering and churches among other places. I would also devote my time and device simple nutritional plans which can be implemented with ease by the local people and offer them for free. In line with this step, I would also be available to be consulted in nutritional matters and offer my advice for free to woo people into giving children proper nutrition for better health as in most cases, people lack the right information when it comes to nutrition.

Encouraging local people to invest more in agriculture through simple practices like the rearing of chicken for home consumption and growing of vegetables for family use. These simple practices can be implemented in the local setting and will collectively contribute to reducing hunger and poverty in the local setting. In so doing, that is encouraging the locals to invest more time and resource in agriculture, any surplus realized can be sold which brings us to the next practice of poverty eradication; creation of jobs.

I will also encourage the local people to go out of their way in researching on what they can offer to others in the community and get paid for it. For instance, when one invests in farming, not all the produce will end up being consumed by the family and therefore the surplus can be used to bring an income to the family.