Community based project plan for University students (17-35 years) Essay Example

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Community based project plan for University students (17-35 years)4

Running head: Community based project plan for University students (17-35 years)

The provision of high quality, accessible health care services depends on having the right people who have the right skills and in the right settings. It also involves the way their work is organized and supported, that is if they have the skills and technology to care for our changing population, whether providers can practice where they are needed most (Judd & Ciliska, 2009). This plan focuses on university students aged between the ages of 17-35 years. The main aim of this project plan is to establish a community healthcare with various facilities that will allow university students to train as well as develop their skills. In addition, the established health care apart from providing health care facilities it will have sports equipments and a set aside gym where students will be allowed to access during their free time.

The gym and sports centre will have well trained personnel to provide various services to students who in particular are interested in weight loss as well as keeping fit due to health issues. The gym will be free for the students hence no student will be charged they will be allowed to access the facilities for free as a form of motivation for them. The community based health care facility will regularly organize sports activities in which the students will be allowed to participate for free and the winning students will be given awards for their excellent performance something which will stimulate and motivate them to actively get involved in sports especially during their free time instead of being idle.

In most occasions, this population is the most vulnerable one in the society and thus introducing occupying activities to them will commit them thus reducing idle time that would be misused in other vices. In addition, the introduction of a community health care facility will provide necessary training as well as skills to most of the university hence creating a form of employment for them. Apart from creating a form of employment for university students and college students falling in the target population the sports centre and gym located right in the community health care centre will provide a chance for the students to do regular exercises for physical fitness.

The community based health care in addition will provide a chance and an opportunity for the students to improve their skills, knowledge only in health care aspects but other aspects of life. In order to familiarize the project plan to the target population various promotions and advertisements will be done through various media. The health advertisements through the media that will be focusing on the target population which seem to be affected health wise for lack of exercises and suggest that if this would be initiated it will greatly help them curb the issues dealing with the weight. The introduction of well trained personnel will too help in the motivation of the participants due to the reliable information from the instructors. For the project plan to effectively succeed it will be necessary that it involves step by step idea and resource development as well as implementation(Judd & Ciliska, 2009).


Judd, L & Ciliska, D (2009). The importance of nursing involvement in health care planning, and student involvement.Chicago:Wiley and Sons