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Communications & Media

. Media has been changing due to the increasing technology-based strategies in the industry where organizations are adopting change through automation of most of their operations. Currently, change has been considered as the primary reality and strategy of achieving competitive advantages. Understanding the effects of change and keeping pace with the industry trends is crucial in ensuring competitiveness. Badran, et al. 2003)Communication and media in UAE have been going through rapid evolution due to the technological changes taking place in different industries. The technology uses in advertisements where organizations are using technology-based platforms to ensure the popularity of their products in the market. Social media and internet have played a crucial role in the process of changing communication in the market where organizations have realized the need for technology in communication to achieve efficiency. Through the use of technology, information is spread within a very short duration making the organizations achieve efficiency (

. UAE has been providing supportive environments for the development of responsible and free media that has shaped the way marketing is done in organizations.Hill, 2011)Many media firms in UAE have played a critical role in the process shaping the way communications in business are done. Through the use of media organizations are now able to ensure proper and timely communicating with the audience. Besides, the marketing manager in the organization is now able to make use of pictures in the process of commutating to their targeted audiences making it communicating effectively (

Media landscapes and communication channels in UAE

. Besides, there are more than 180 production houses that do form an important foundation for the growth of digital media. The media landscape of the Arab world has experienced support from the different stakeholders hence proving great support to the success of businesses. Kirat, 2007)The dynamism of the media industry has led to the emergence of various media landscapes that have altered the consumer behavior. The communication patterns in the business are now becoming g very effective through the use of innovative strategies in communication. For instance, there has the emergence of digital media that has transformed the media industry assisting in achieving sustainability in development. Digital media in UAE has played an important part in the developments and innovations in the media industry. There are more than 27,000 talents in UAE that have been supporting media and communication development. For instance, there are more than 120 broadcasters and TV channels that have been playing a crucial role in the process of supporting the development of digital media (

. Some social media platforms like Facebook are becoming common as consumers are now actively following social media advertisements, where at average consumers are spending 10 hours daily using digital platforms. Badran, et al. 2003)Also, in UAE the use of social media and digital video has increased that have been focusing on integrating technology to ensure sufficient support to the media sector. Some services like In5 Media have placed a crucial role in transforming the way businesses are conducted in UAE. Besides, many businesses have increased the use of social media where many businesses are now making use of social media in marketing their products of the targeted audience (


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