Communication skill excercise and Software tool Excercise Essay Example

Communication Skill Exercise 14

Communication Skill Exercise and Software tool Exercise


Exercise One


All Members of the StaffFROM:
Communication ManagerDATE:

Communication skill excercise and Software tool Excercise

It’s that time of year again. As it has been our tradition, the month of May has been one of the busiest months in the calendar of our company. Every year, it has been a continuous struggle for both the management and the supervisors to organize a midyear party to reflect the milestones of the company in its half year progress. This year, we have decided to postpone until the second week of July. This comes at the time our company is planning to open some other two branches in two different cities within the country. The company has realized that the management and the entire staff have been putting their tireless efforts towards the attainment of the organization’s goals and objectives. It is therefore worth noting that the company has realized the need to have a mid-year party

Party Details

  • Date: Saturday the second week of July

  • Theme: Team Building

  • Venue: Company’s Board room

  • Special events: Family fan and belly dancing

We apologize that the party has to wait until the second week of July not as it has been before. This has been pushed forward since the management is engaged in streamlining the opening of two other branches in the country. Despite the delay, we guarantee that it will be worth the waiting since all the teams will be brought on board. Anybody who is interested in volunteering to offer assistance during the event is encouraged to contact the secretary or events coordinator. Kindly contact the secretary outside the business hours concerning the same

Thank you.

Communication Manager


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Exercise 2

How to create a table, insert a table or convert text to a table

The easiest way to add a table in Microsoft office 2007 is to select the size you want on the table grid

  1. Inserting a table

You can insert a table by choosing from the preformatted tables and complete it with a sample data. One can either insert a table into a word document or can insert one table in another table so as to design another more complex table

The following are some steps followed to insert a table

  1. Click a place you want to insert a table

  2. On the insert tab, appearing on the Tables group, point your cursor on Quick Tables, then click the type of table that is appropriate to you

Communication skill excercise and Software tool Excercise  1

  1. Replace the data available in the template with your own data to suit what you wanted

Other ways of adding a table

There are other three ways of making a table in a word document

In order to control the size of the table, click the Insert tab, click Table, and thenclick Insert Table. From there you can set the number of rows and columns by using the Autofit options in adjusting the size of the table. In case you have some other texts that look better in a table, Word changes it into table. Also, if there is any complicate information to fit into the basic grid, Draw Table tool aids you in drawing exactly the size of the table you want.

Communication skill excercise and Software tool Excercise  2

  1. Creating a Table

You can also create a table by drawing the columns sand rows that you want or you can convert text to a table

Drawing a table

One can draw a complex table that has cells of different heights or a varying number of columns in every row

  1. Click where you want to draw your table

  2. On the Insert tab, in the Table group, click Table, and click Draw Table

Communication skill excercise and Software tool Excercise  3

In this case, the pointer changes into a pencil

  1. To create the outer boundaries of your table, draw a rectangle, then draw the column lines inside the rectangle depending on the number that you need

Communication skill excercise and Software tool Excercise  4

  1. To erase a line, click the eraser in the Table tools, on the Design Table, in the Draw Borders group

  2. Click at the line that you want to erase. In order to delete all the table, see delete a table

  3. When you are done drawing the table, you can start typing your work by clicking in a cell

  1. Converting text into a Table

  1. Insert separator characters such as commas or tabs to show where you want to divide the text into columns. You can as well use paragraph marks to show where you want to start a new row

  2. Choose the text that you want to convert

  3. Click Convert Text to Table on the Insert tab, in the Tables group

Communication skill excercise and Software tool Excercise  5

  1. Click the separate character option in the Convert to Text Table dial box, in Separate text at.

Select any other options that you need


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Exercise 3

Communication skill excercise and Software tool Excercise  6

Source: Bloomberg, 2015

Considering the equity market, we are considering the price-to-earnings ratio (P/E, showing the price per share over its earning per share. Each of the three companies Ford, GM and Toyota are pursuing their own strategies with various successes and challenges. The way their success is perceived, in the past and in near future, depict the market.

Earnings per share of the three manufacturers show less volatility for Ford’s earnings in 2014 as compared to other years. On the other hand, Toyota and GM are also facing the same challenges of recalling in same year. In 2016v and 2017, the market anticipates very close variations amongst the three companies as GM continue to pay the price of recalling. Ford’s earnings were high in 2013 following its recent investments. GM currently faces the recall of over 2 million vehicles in US Alone and this reduced their earnings per share in 2015. Toyota is also faced with similar challenge where over 1.2 billion vehicles were recalled last year. Looking at the industry level in 2015, the recalls negatively affected the earning per share of the three companies as shown in the graph above


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Exercise 3

How to build your social media profile

From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Tumblr, the following are some of the best ways of building your social media profile.

Choose the right platform

It is good to consider the platform that will attract the kind of people you could like to meet. E.g. if you are a graphic designer, choose instagram, if you are a non-profit organization choose LinkedIn to get professional contacts

Write a good bio

Describing yourself is one of the most important steps in setting up a social media profile. If you want to use your profile for career growth, include what you do.

Begin by saying hello

Be real and avoid being shy and if you notice something you don’t like in other users kindly tell them. You can do this by using direct messages, blog posts or retweets

Choose your words wisely

Even if your account is personal, ensure you be cautious about your posts

Tools used to build your social media profile

TweetLevel— This is a tool that allows one to search for hash tags that lead to interesting insights on whom to follow basing on the conversation versus a person. Once you have found somebody worth following, it is easier to measure their social influence.

ResFollow- this is a powerful tool that allows one to lock in and keep those followers that are connected to you. This tool is good for a person who wants to grow slowly a list of highly qualified and like-minded people.

Traackr- it is a tool used to find and follow up people who are influential in your space

TwitterSearch- it is one of the powerful social media tool used to Uncover top trending topics, Look up only the latest on a trending topic, follow links from certain people, find out who is talking about you and have a look at those pictures with trending topic


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