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Communication manager

Australia Post

Australia Post is a government enterprise that operates in three key areas, namely; letters and associated services, parcels, logistics and various agency services and retail merchandise. The Australia Post is looking for a qualified person to the fill the position of a communication manager.

Communications Manager

Job purpose: The communication manager will be responsible for carrying out the overall management, coordination, monitoring, and implementation as well as evaluating communication team and the execution of Australia Post communication strategy.

Key roles and responsibilities

The communication manager will be responsible for spearheading development and implementation of Australia Post communication strategy. They will also manage daily internal and external communication as well as marketing activities of Australia Post. The person should have the skills and expertise to prepare press statements and various articles on the Australia Post’s emerging issues for both internal and external communication. The communication manager will also be held responsible for responding to media and public enquiries out of hour when need arises, particularly during crisis, setting with Australia Post Communication Director, monitoring as well as projecting an accurate Communication Budget. they should also be able to offer line-management and support to all employees within the communication team and manage both the publication and promotion of Australia Post materials and services. The candidate will be expected to Act in accordance with goals, objectives, and ethos of Australia Post. They will also undertake any other responsibilities as may be reasonably needed from time to time (Tebeaux & Dragga, 2012).

Competencies and attributes

The communication manager should be a degree holder in a communication related subject along with two years of working experience in the broad field of communication. The candidate should have the ability to demonstrate broad knowledge of various communication activities including developing media strategies such as preparing press releases among others. Having knowledge of the environment in which government organizations operate and the confidence to represent Australia Post externally and internally including public speaking are key attributes for the candidate. Moreover, the person should have extensive experience with working with current e-communications, including preparing as well as sending E-Bulletins and Appeals (Belker et al., 2012).

Desirable Aptitudes

For one to qualify for the above position, it is important that they possess some experience in the line management. One should also have varsity knowledge and good skills on Standard office ICT including social media. The person must also have database experience, diverse experience of working for a government company and exceptional verbal and written communication as well as presentation skills. Furthermore, the candidate must possess excellent interpersonal, organizational skills and knowledge of mass e-marketing and website content management tools (Roebuck, 2012).


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