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  1. Personal description to:

    1. Selecting committee

I am Self motivated individual with creative mind, ready to experiment for the improvement of the situation at hand .I believe in success and work toward the achievement of success.

    1. Someone I like and would like to know him better

My name is Alex and I have secured a job in your company following the advert in the media. I have been looking forward for a chance to meet you since I admire your principles. Would you mind sharing a drink with me after work so that we can chat? I hope my inquisitive nature doe not offend you.

    1. Someone you can’t stand and have no respect to

I am not the kind of person you think you can mistreat. You accord me the respect I deserve despite being younger than you.

    1. A close friend who you know you can trust.

I have lost my book that my parent bought for me the other day. Would you mind helping me to raise some money to buy another one since I would not like my parents to know I lost it? If they happen to know, they would not give me permission to accompany you for a movie.

  1. Customer care service prioritization

Having worked for this company for quite some time as a receptionist, I have gained skills in multitasking and reassuring the customers. I would serve them in terms of urgency and order of occurrence. Assuming the courier arrived earlier, followed by complaining customer and finally the two visiting staff members, I would sign for the parcel while paging the call. Next, I would apologize to the visiting staff members for the delay of the refreshment and assure them to remind the person concerned. Then, I would request the caller asking for company’s information for a few minutes to retrieve information. The complaining customer needs my full attention and therefore, I ought to give him full attention. If the complain is genuine, I would apologize and promise to act accordingly. This would be followed by a reply to the manager’s request assuring him the letter would be ready in the next five minutes. Finally, I would answer the two calls on hold while in retrieve the company’s information from the computer.

    1. The congratulatory message written by Geoffrey Hunter is directed to all members of the company and therefore, I would ensure each department in my clearing and forwarding company receives the message. This can be done by written an internal memo on the issue.

    2. Internal Memo:

To: The entire Working Fraternity

From: Customer Service Department

CC: Congratulations.

Date: 29th August 2011

Re: Gratitude for work well done.

Following the good services you are offering to our customers, our new company is finding its place in already competitive market. This is evident from the positive comment the Customer Service Department is receiving from our customers. Have a look at this particular message we received from one of our new customers:

“This is Geoffrey Hunter and I would like to thank everyone for the great service I received from your company the other day. I will certainly recommend your company to all my friends. Thanks again and I hope you all have a nice day.”

I hope the positive message about you satisfactory services you are offering will motivate you to continue serving our customers in a unique way.

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