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Commentaries on the Facts That Affect Men


According to the commentaries taken from the interviews conducted on men about what they enjoy most about being men, the dominant themes that emerged was freedom and the theme that most dominantly occurred about what the dislike most about being men is dependence or expectations.

similarities and differences of themes.

The similarity in terms of these themes according to my analysis of the research is that men are both strong and weak in their own unique ways. They feel strong in relation to aspects regarding themselves but sympathise when it comes to relating to those whom they love. This is best seen in the part where their ego is uplifted by the fact that they have more ladies but they become week when they are not allowed to cuddle with their children because it looks unman like. The difference in these themes occurs in the fact that the same person can be the same in different scenarios. For instance, there are some men who will opt to be seen men in all aspects be it in front of their children or anywhere else, this same person can opt to be very different in some occasions but in the same scenarios.

Differences in men’s age and how it affects the themes that emerged

According to Levs, (2015), the background and age of a man can either give him the sense of freedom and dependence and it can also deprive them of these aspects. Take for instance a man in his twenties, this is the time that he would want to show his freedom and utilize it to the fullest. At the moment he is also not worried about being depended upon. However, in the ages of 35 and above, the sense of freedom starts declining and the man now starts feeling the pressure of being depended upon because he is the head in some aspect. In the case of the background, this shapes the behaviour of a man. He will tend to emulate the way he was brought up and this leads to the themes in discussion.

Surprising and interesting in the commentaries

The interesting part obtained from the interviews is that despite the fact that men would want to be free they also feel obliged to be depended upon and failure for this to happen deprives them of their manhood (Levs, 2015). This is the case in the scenario where the woman provides each and everything. Instead of the man being happy that he does not provide he feels like he is being looked upon.


Levs, J. (2015). All in: how our work-first culture fails, Dads, families, and businesses and how we can fix it together.