COM 235 Final Project Submission: Journalistic Story Portfolio

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Newsworthiness of the article

The article demonstrates newsworthiness of the story. This has been achieved through the provision of background information about the story and its relevance. The story also has the ability of capturing the attention of the readers through the background information. The article indicates that the issues related to the Second World War as well as the veterans are of great importance to the people in United States of America. According to the interviewee, “The Second World War was a time for the Americans to prove their loyalty to self and country”. This highlights that the issue is newsworthy and it has been captured in details in the article. The article has been able to present the story in a way that captivates a high number of readers. This is through reporting the story from the viewpoint of the veteran who was directly involved in combat during the war. Most of the readers can relate the experience of the veteran to that of their kin’s who were involved in the war. The veteran indicated that “Most of the family members whose relatives fought in the war do not know what happened to their kin to date as they never made it back”.

The article demonstrates newsworthiness by presenting the story in an interesting manner despite the nature of the story. The story tends to portray the World War 2 veterans from the allied forces as heroes. The veterans played an essential role in saving humanity from fascism and hence the freedoms being enjoyed to date. According to the interviewee, “Our victory completely transformed the world”. This is therefore likely to attract readers and hence making the story newsworthy. Detailed information about the issues relevant to the readers in relation to the topic has been highlighted in the article. The introduction, body and conclusion of the story have been presented in a logical manner which makes it easy for the readers to follow and understand. A newsworthy article must be presented in a logical manner so as to enable easy understanding (Hearns-Branaman, 2013). Any reader will be interested in reading the story due to its presentation as well as the contents and hence making it newsworthy.

Ethical standing of the article

High levels of ethics have been observed in the article. The interviewee was required to fill a consent form before participating in the interview. It is ethical to ensure that the consent of the respondents is obtained before an interview is conducted. The presence of a consent form signed by the respondent is an indication of high ethical standards in the development of the article. The veteran was also provided with detailed information about the purpose of the interview and how the information provided will be used. According to the veteran, “I have no problem whatsoever telling the whole world my experience that I will never forget”. It is ethical to give credit to authors whose articles have been used to obtain information. This has been observed in the article which is an indication of ethics. All forms of plagiarism have been avoided in the article when dealing with the external sources and hence indicating that it is ethical. An ethical article has to respect the privacy as well as the rights of the people involved in the story (Hearns-Branaman, 2013). The article does not mention the names of any other person who is linked to the story as a means to respect their privacy. This is an indication of ethics despite a high number of other individuals being involved in the story. General terms have also been used when describing other individuals in order to ensure that their identity is not revealed. All the procedures involved in the reporting of a story have been followed and this has greatly contributed to a positive ethical standing.

Credibility of the article

The article is credible as it has been presented in a way that promotes trust. All the information provided in the article has been verified to ensure truthfulness. An article that provides truthful information is considered credible as it can be relied upon by the readers. The article has been able to achieve this which is an indication of credibility. The article has also provided accurate information regarding the story. The accurate information is in terms of the events as well as their corresponding dates. This is an indication that the story is credible based on the information provided. Lack of credibility has the potential of misleading the readers through the provision of wrong information. The source of information is an important aspect that determines its credibility (Hearns-Branaman, 2013). The information has been obtained from trusted and verified sources which is an indication of credibility. Both the primaries as well as the secondary sources of information have been utilized in the article. All the information that has been provided in the article can be verified. The ability to verify the information is an important in ensuring that the article is credible. The presentation of the article enables the reader to verify the sources on a step by step basis. In journalism, the reports should always be objective so as to eliminate any form of bias (Hearns-Branaman, 2013). This has been achieved in the article through providing accurate and detailed information. The article therefore meets the standards required in journalism when reporting a story.


Hearns-Branaman, J. O. (2013). Journalistic professionalism as indirect control and fetishistic disavowal. Journalism 15(1), 21-36.