Colour news story and Critical reflection Essay Example

Colour News Story and Critical Reflection

Colour News Story and Critical Reflection

News Story

The cancellation of lectures at the Queensland University of Technology [QUT] has sharpened the disquiet of quite a number students. They are worried that the protests that have hit the campus this month will affect their internships and summer jobs, and make worse an on-campus divide. According to Fiona Fu, a second-year accounting student at Queensland University of Technology, It is a civil war between students; at the beginning, it was students against the government, and now its students against students.

Protests over a proposed increment of tuition have sparked protests at Queensland University of Technology. However, Fiona Fu said he does not think a strike is a good way to create change if it interferes with classes for those who want to attend classes.

“There are people going to summer school, there are people like me who are going to internships,” said Candy Song who is also a student at Queensland University of Technology. “People who have to work during summer to pay for their studies, people losing contracts because it’s just dragging on.” So far, Candy Song said, he has been lucky, as the majority of his classes ran as normal earlier in the week. Candy Song said even though the Superior Court imposed an injunction, with the intention of forcing students to return to class, some professors have cancelled classes claiming that there was not enough security on campus, or that they are on the side of the protestors. “We receive many emails from the teacher’s union saying they agree with the boycotters and they want it to keep going and move forward,” Candy Song said.

The rector of Queensland University of Technology, Leslie Zhang confirmed that in order to maintain peace on campus, classes at the university would be cancelled. He said the university’s board was adopting a slew of new measures to ensure students can properly complete the winter semester. Changes will include postponing the dates for abandoning courses, for starting final exams and for when term work can be given out. The administration is working with the student associations, Leslie Zhang said, and he hopes the campus will see a change in attitude come Monday. He said the new measures created by the board would ensure that students who wish to finish their winter semester could do so.


Color techniques are critical in any journalistic writings that are aimed at attracting the attention and reading interest of a reader as well as enhancing his or her epistemological status about the event or the story covered (Rich, 2009). Rarely does a color story focus on the results of the game or even the principal action of the game (Sissons, 2006). “That is likely the purpose of another story by the same reporter or, as preferred by most editors, by a second or even a third reporter” (Wayne, Janet, and Smith, 2009). Concisely, the idea behind this sort of writing is to permit the reader who did not attend to share the event with the writer and others who were there (Wayne, Janet, and Smith, 2009). In short, the idea behind this sort of writing is to permit the reader who did not attend to share the event with the writer and others who were there (Wayne, Janet, and Smith, 2009). Color stories take advantage of certain types of sources of information. Color stories usually have people, your perceptions as an observer, your observations, and a common thread; they are used to relate the mood of crowds at events such as football games, festivals, parties and celebrations, parades, concerts, funerals, and memorial services (Wayne, Janet, and Smith, 2009).

My choice of angle is a negative descriptive discourse in the sense that I totally detest the situation and I strongly discourage conflict of any sort. Writing in this angle is therefore my powerful tool in inculcating in my readers the notion that what happened in Queensland University of Technology is disastrous to human lives, regional peace, and economy. A conflict emanates from selfish pursuits by clans and warlords that are seeking self-aggrandizement as well as material gains. It is a situation that has cost many lives, left many people homeless, and by extension has destabilized other neighboring countries that were peaceful.

My story as seen above story is comparatively amorphous, and this is how a color story should be. Color news story starts with a description of a particular meaningful place and ends whenever the author wants. Additionally, color features may be unified, not by an inverted structure, but rather by a repetition of verbal elements, such as words sounds, metaphors, or details about people (Helen, 2006). The unifying element, as observed in the above story, is repeated consistently throughout the story in order to create a rhythmic structure that enlarges the meaning with each repetition.


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