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Reflective Journal

Reflective Journal



After attending the seminar on conflict management skills, it triggered my knowledge on how I can effectively handle various kinds of conflicts that I encounter in life. The seminar reminded me of the numerous conflicts I have witnessed at during my schooling, at home and at my workplace. During the seminar, I found out that there are various ways of managing conflict and especially, managing interpersonal conflict. Furthermore, it is the seminar that made me realize that culture and diversity played a role in causing conflict hence the significance of understanding the various strategies that can be used to resolve them1.

Critical Analysis

When I joined the workforce for the first time, I was employed in a new company where employees were settling-in hence each person was choosing a desk for him/herself. However, there were two ladies who wanted the same location and since none of them wanted to give in and let the other take up the space. During the seminar, I learned that conflicts are inevitable in any organization but what differs is how the conflicts are managed2. Therefore, the occurrence is a learning situation because; now I have come to the understanding that it is normal for conflicts to occur in any organization but it is important to manage the conflicts.


In the course of the conflict, most of us were spectators because were new to the place until the HR of the company arrived and summoned the two ladies to her office. The ladies came back and came into an agreement. The situation gave me the insight about the possibility of solving interpersonal conflicts that are focused on resources (office space). During the seminar, I learned that solving issues-focused is easier than people-focused because conflicts that are focused on people are difficult to solve because they involve emotions. The knowledge is beneficial to my future because I will use in dealing with similar situations in the future. In particular, I will use in addressing personal differences in that, I will encourage those in conflict to compromise so that the solution is suitable for both of them. This solution is favourable because; it does not only suit the two conflicting parties, but it is also a quick fix hence it saves on time3.


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