Collect analyse, present and comment upon business data Essay Example

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European Union (EU) has embraced the right to be forgotten concept as a way of protecting personal information on the internet.

Right to be forgotten is an individual’s obligation to order or request his/her personal information to be removed from online platform. In most cases the information presented on the online platform is in form of personal data and therefore exposing one’s personal life to various online social identities.


The main aim of “Right to be forgotten” is to promote individuals’ obligations on the online platform as well as protecting the inability to regulate their personal data. This comprises of issues relating to privacy and confidential information in the World Wide Web.

This article suggest that individual’s data on online platform needs a controller to remove personal data in order to reduce further dissemination of the data. Also it obliges the access of third parties such as search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. These search engines usually replicates the personal data presented somewhere in the internet.

According to the article GDPR article 17, it guides the disposal of unnecessary data collected and processed on the online platform. This happens through withdrawal of consent on which the process of data collection and storage period expires thus leading to legal ground of removal.

An Uncertain Right

According to USA authors, the right of uncertainty normally has chilling effects that may lead to free expression of individual’s personal information. According to the Vice-president of European union commission, these rights are built from the existing principles.