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Role Requiring Collaborative Practice

Role Requiring Collaborative Practice


My supervisor and I did not agree on whether or not to use physical restraint to a 34 year old patient who “I want to see my mother. Dr. did my mother survive the accident? Dr.” The patient was hysterical and kept jerking on his bed though his broken leg was too painful. What could I do?

Feelings and thoughts

I was furious and decided to act against the supervisor’s wish. However, the supervisor had his way and insisted my opinion could go to hell. Did I have to stop my practice over it?


Despite the resulting tension, I did not regret for challenging my supervisor’s traditional school of thought. Today, I observe that the supervisor has changed his practice based on the incident. Was the patient happy with what was happening?


The Hospital policy requires alternatives to physical restraints and that physical restraint be issued with the consent of the patient and his family. As a student nurse, the policy was not exempted. Does tradition matter over practice?


From the incident, I pat myself on the back for acting sooner. Physical restraint meant putting the aggressive patient at risk of sores. Did evidence-based practice matter?

Action plan

In future, I will use my assertive skills without getting aggressive to let my colleagues understand that the well-being of patients had to be observed during practice. I also do plan to remain humble and obedient to my supervisor. Did I have to be rude to drive my point home?