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The Misperceptions and Misunderstandings of Cody’s Postings

The Misperceptions and the Misunderstandings

The initial crisis arose when the waiter at the Applebees restaurant went ahead to post the private picture of the pastor who refused to honor the eighteen percent tip as indicated in the receipt he was served with. The waiter was doing her job to serve the pastor as well as demand the tip as it was indicated in the receipt. However, the pastor rejected to offer the tip as it was indicated in the receipt, claiming it was too much, and that he pays a tithe of ten percent to God, and so he should not pay eighteen percent to a human being.

The first misunderstanding arose when the pastor was served with the receipt with a tip indicated on it. The pastor was the first person to misconceive what was indicated in the receipt, to the pastor, the tip percentage was way too far much for him to pay. He retaliated that he pays a tithe of ten percentage to God and that he should not pay any amount bigger than that to a man, given that ten percentage is enough to sacrifice from his earnings (Kirchner et al., 2016). The pastor misconceive the essence of the tip. The pastor then reacted by not paying for the tip

As Kirchner et al. (2016) ascertain, the waiter on the other side misconceived the allegation so the pastor, and failing to pay the tip. The waiter then went ahead to post to the social media to show disgust in the way the pastor behaved, by acting this way, the waiter violated the customer privacy. The waiter reacted this way since she misunderstood the pastor. The management on the other hand misconceives the whole idea, and felt betrayed buy their worker, hence went ahead to fire the waiter. The whole management similarly reacted so fast without investigating, hence deepening the whole case.

As Kirchner et al. (2016) assert, the social media participant’s on the other hand acted with disgust to attach the management for firing the worker who was wrong though, though considering the fact that she was similarly upset by the pastor actions. The issue was farther perpetuated by the company spokesman when he further added to republic the reasons behind the waitress sacking. The spokesman further made the issue more this case the company went all wrong on the way it handles the whole issue (Kirchner et al., 2016). Everyone, including the pastor, the waiter and the management misconceived the whole idea.


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