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Brand Маnаgеmеnt


Brands With Unique Online Experience

The internet is both an opportunity and also a threat to brands (Chernatony et al 2013). The most powerful and popular brands on the internet are Google, Facebook and YouTube. According to Alexa, an online ranking website, the three brands are ranked as the top with Google taking the first position. Google enables the users to search for any information on the word through a simple search. Its user experience is unique since the inbuilt search engines are fast and very accurate. The other two brands offer a unique experience in terms of social interaction.

Online Branding Model is one of the most customer-focused companies where customers can buy a variety of goods at discounted prices. The site is easy to navigate and to find any listed item. It has many personalized features and services which include a single-click buying, product reviews and gift lists. Navigation for the site is also very easy and user friendly.

Enhancing Online Branding Model

The model could be enhanced through making the website friendly to the visually impaired. The current site looks a bit clouded on the home page and the cluttering may pose challenges to the visually impaired. It is worth considering the extent to which the home page extends a warm welcome (Chernatony et al 2013). The font on the homepage is small for any site visitor. In this case, searching for products would be affected by the fonts. The photos should also be well aligned vertically in the columns.

Recommendation to Maximize Consumer Engagement in Social Media and In Brands Advertised

The sites should improve customer experience and engagement through personalized support. Customer queries should be addressed real time, unlike the current status where the response may take time to respond when the emails are used. Customer queries can be addressed through the use of automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.


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