Clothing retailer (market and sales)in sydeny Essay Example

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Clothing Retailer (Market and Sales) in Sydney







The worldwide fashion clothing industry is considered to be one of the most significant sectors in the current global economy, and this is basically expressed in terms of different investments made within the sector, revenue realized, trade and employment creation within the whole world. One of the unique features within the clothing industry is that its product life cycles are considered to shorter, it produces variety and remarkable product for the market, it has unpredictable demands within different markets, and finally it is long in channels and also inflexible within its integrated supply processes (Mills, 2002, p.155).

Clothing Retailer (Market and Sales) in Sydney

Sydney is a very renowned city when it comes to fashions, especially for men, women and kids. The industry of clothing has been in the course of a transition within the last 20 years, and this has seen it grow tremendously in the total market share. This has been as a significant uplift brought about by its major contributors who are (Mills, 2002, p.164):

  1. Noteworthy consolidation that is achieved within the retail industry,

  2. An increased application of electronic commerce within the existing retail industry,

  3. Clothing wholesale deal

Sydney’s Clothing Market

Sydney’s clothing industry normally manufactures finished clothing products that include silk, wool, cotton, linen, rayon, denim, and polyester (Mills, 2002, p.157). Within the clothing industry, the significant segments that are well covered are women clothing, kids clothing, bridal wears, intimate clothing, men clothing, and wedding wear for men. Silk, wool, and cotton have been considered to be the primary quality fibers for variety of products, while linen, rayon, denim, and polyester are secondary quality fibers. When it comes to the quantity, Jeans are more often worn together T-shirts as compared to other form of clothing. In this case, official clothing like suits is considered to be secondary when it comes to utilization of such clothes in the market. With the requirement of this paper, the two products that are being considered in the research are the Jeans and T-shirt, particularly men’s clothing.

Clothing Sales Forecast in Sydney

When looking at the clothing sales forecast, it is significant that the three major channels that are applied when selling such attires within the clothing industry of Sydney are explored. Over the last two decades, there has a fast growth in the clothing retail market by 47 %, an increase that has placed Sydney at a higher level when compared with other major cities, and this is expected to continue growing in the upcoming future. The channels consists of the internet/online, catalog, and the brick and mortar channel (Mills, 2002, p.185). The following table represents the forecasted market share within Sydney that is projected for the next 25 years, through the three channels of selling:


Sales $ Billion

Market Share (%)

Brick and Mortar

Online/ Internet

The above forecast is supported with the clothing industry supply chain, which is categorized in five main components as shown below.

clothing retailer (market and sales)in sydenyclothing retailer (market and sales)in sydeny 1


Mills, G., 2002, Retail pricing strategies and market power, Melbourne: Melbourne University Publishing, pp. 154-187.