Clinical Skill Analysis Report: Intramuscular Injections Essay Example

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Clinical Skill Analysis Report: Intramuscular Injections

Clinical Skill Analysis Report: Intramuscular Injections

Previously, I thought I was entirely competent in this clinical skill because I have observed this skill various times. The clinical skill involved administering a drug to a patient through intramuscular injection (IM). This is a clinical skill I had observed several times. This time I was administering an IM under supervision of a qualified nurse. Prior to the start of this clinical skill, I sterilized my hands using an alcoholic gel. I confirmed the identity of the patient and asked him to lie for me to access the injection site (ventrogluteal). I then cleansed the injection site using an alcohol wipe and the nurse interrupted me and informed me that the cleansing was unnecessary. This confused me because I had observed nurses cleansing the site before injections. I also felt a bit anxious because I thought that the patient would doubt my practice.

Fortunately, the patient did not decline me administering the injection and I then located the greater trochanter of the femur using the heel of my hand, spread my index and middle fingers from the anterior superior iliac spine, stretched the skin tight and then held the syringe like a dart and then inserted the needle at right angle to the skin.

I felt confused about the use of alcohol wipes and decided to research the topic further. According to Nicoll & Hesby (2000) using alcohol wipes to clean the injection site is unnecessary in the patient seems to physically clean when aseptic technique is applied and hand hygiene observed. This concurred with what other qualified nurses told me after I enquired if it was necessary to cleanse the injection site.

The site used in the IM was ventrogluteal which is a commonly used site when administering IM injections. This site offers the greatest thickness of gluteal muscles and can be penetrated freely through the nerves and blood vessels because the site is located away from major nerves and muscles and is large well defined muscle. Additionally, ventrogluteal site has a narrower fat layer of steady thinness and there is speedy uptake of medication and better muscle access (Greenway, 2008). During the IM injection, I injected into the ventrogluteal muscles, as the evidence indicates this is best practice.

An intramuscular injection is the administration of drug into the muscle and various reasons why medications are administered using the IM route encompass fast absorption rate of the medication, the patient’s conscious state as well as the drug effect being altered by ingestion. IM route also enables a comparatively fast uptake and practically prolonged action of medication (Floyd & Myer, 2007).

The reflection has improved my competence in regard to this clinical skill and according to me; my personal and professional development is advancing because I can now administer an IM injection efficiently. I have learnt that according to research, as long as the patient is physically clean and the nurse has performed hand hygiene, and aseptic technique is used, it is not necessary to clean the injection site using an alcohol wipe, something I was not aware of before. Therefore, my competence in this clinical skill has been developed further. Finally, I have realized that reflection is a vital learning tool in clinical practice.


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