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Clinical objectives in Nursing Practice

Clinical objectives in Nursing Practice

Question 1

Learning Objective

Learning Outcome

Code of Professional Conduct

To improve the ability of the students to follow professional conduct for nurses

The ability of the student to apply various nursing laws while performing duties assigned to them

Code of Conduct 3: Nurses are required to practice and perform their activities in compliance with the laws required in the profession and practice of nursing

To enhance the ability of the students to apply safety procedures in performing nursing tasks and responsibilities

The ability of the student to apply various measures of safety that prevent personal injury or injury to the patient

Code of Conduct 1: Nurses conduct their practices in safe and competent manner

To improve the competence of students in understanding the routes and types of medications to be administered in various years of study

The ability of the learner to provide medication and other routes in nursing tasks according to the routes and procedures that needs to be followed to perform the tasks.

Code of Conduct 6: Nurses are required to provide impartial and accurate data relating to nursing services and health care products

To solve students, learning issues in nursing profession

The ability of the students to apply standards of practice in nursing to solve various problems involving tasks to be performed.

Code of Conduct 2: Nurses practices in compliance with the standards of the nursing profession and in the broader health system

To improve the ability of students to promote relationships with patients while providing nursing services to them

The ability of the students to create a personal relationship with the patient for the purpose of facilitating treatment

Code of Conduct 8: Nurses must promote and preserve the privilege required in the relationship between them and those receiving care

Question 2

The code of conduct pertaining to the routes of medication is illustrated in Code of Conduct Number 2 which states that: Nurses have to practice in compliance with the standards of nursing profession and the general health system. In compliance with the above code of conduct, the following are the recommend roués of administering various medications to patients.


Recommended Route



Nornaml saline


Clopidogrel metoclopramide coloxyl




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