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Climate Change: Societies and Institution Contribution


Climate change refers to any change in climate that occurs over time either due to natural variability or due to human activity. According to Hulme (2009), it is asserted that the outcome of any given climate shift or change is highly dependent on both the resilience and adaptability of both local societies and institutions as well. I strongly concur with Hulme’s assertions because indeed, climate change is capable of driving innovation in our social adaptations and businesses in our societies and communities as well. This is because climate cannot be regarded as a physical problem or phenomenon but rather, it is an occurrence in the operating system of the environment. As a result, a change in climate can be attributed to the social and physical activities done by the human population, which are responsible for destruction of the natural settings of the environment thus leading to climate change (Hume (2007).

The adaptability and resilience of local populations

I wholly concur with Hulme that indeed, the adaptability and resilience of local institutions and societies will indeed affect the outcome of any given climatic shift or change. This is attributed to the fact that the environment has a cultural, economic and social dimension. This is because societies and institutions, which nurture the environment in a proper way will make such an environment to become sustainable while societies and institutions which are incapable of nurturing the environment will destroy it thus greatly making it hard to become inhabitable leading to climatic shifts (Knight 2013).

The issue of climate change has become a destabilising factor in most of the human civilizations but more specifically in the Canberra community whose activities have greatly led to a shift in climate due to the fact that it has become a driving factor in both innovation and social adaptation as well (Painter 2013).


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