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Response: Research Methods

Thanks so much for your comment and concern. There are different means of approaching a research problem and in most instances; the research problem dictates the appropriate method to be used in a given research.

critical/transformative/emancipatory. The three approaches mentioned are inquiry approach, but the actual design can be quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. In my previous post, I did not mention my preferred research paradigm, but what I mentioned were research methodologies which include qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methodologies. My research paradigm is postpositivist approach. Post-positivist research favors qualitative research while positivist favors quantitative approach. In fact, positivist research is equated with quantitative research and it is viewed as a form of quantitative research that seeks to objectively assess and observe data (Leavy, 2014). Qualitative research methodology derives from a post-positivist mind and it establishes that the concept that hypothesis cannot be proven beyond any doubt and that theory should be tested to falsified and verified. post-positivistQualitative research can be interpretive/constructive, positivist /

Qualitative and quantitative researches are research methodologies where the methodologies can be founded on theoretical perspective or philosophical position or paradigm. These paradigms offer a context for procedure and its criteria and logic. The paradigm provided by the professor function as the lens through which any research is viewed. A paradigm is a cluster of theories and it dictates how research should be conducted and results interpreted.


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