Recruitment Business Plan Essay Example

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Executive Summary

AMONDOS recruitment agency is firm that will be located in Sydney, Australia and will focus on community services. it mission statement will be bringing quality professional at affordable prices The company will hire a manger and three personnel and will require a capital of 60000 USD and it marketing strategy will be based on online marketing and networking.

  1. Mission Statement.

AMONDOS recruitment agency will be bringing quality professional at affordable prices

To be able to compete effectively AMONDOS recruitment agency will provide an effective and efficient search service to the client in which our objectives will be

Fast service

The company will aim at hiring and replacing the employees of our customer fastest and shortest time possible

Accurate results

The company will match the desired client needs with the possible candidate e.g. in terms of attributes and experience

Customer satisfaction

The main aim will satisfy customer by meeting his needs and wants

  1. Company Overview

AMONDOS recruitment agency is firm that is first entering in the operation. Sydney Australia is very much in need of a firm that would assist in hiring professionals that would assist in hiring especially in community services as none as specialized in the field. The market is need of help in the hiring of those executives. The business will be located in a strategic place that will be convenient and accessible to customers. The company will also have an online database of the individual who want the job.

  1. The Economics of the Business.


The company will be owned by one owner and will be sole proprietorship that will be registered and will conform to government regulations. The owner will be only responsible for general supervision of the company and guarantor of the loan used to start the business.

SWOT analysis

According to Lev, (1974) these include the key expected strengths and weakness of the company and AMONDOS recruitment agency opportunities and threats.


  • Strong networking via established web
  • advanced and achievable screening mechanism
  • predictive and pragmatic experience to customers


  • weak cash flow
  • lack of brand image
  • un rapid scalability
  • threats of new entries in the market
  • unpredictable industry


  • a fast growing industry
  • low cost overhead
  • ability to decrease the cost associated with the firm

Financial characteristics

The following table shows the expected market firms that we can be able to serve in the next three years about other firm’s customers on average conditions. the prediction were guided by the study of Zimmerer (2002).

Potential customer
Government firms
Private firms
  1. Competitive Analysis

AMONDOS recruitment agency has good information available about the market especially on the attributes needed by the most of the potential customers and also knows where to acquire qualified personnel that meet the characteristics of the client needs. The firm knows how to communicate their needs and how to serve each client specific needsBhide,1994). The business having an online platform will assist in meeting the customer needs and source more clients in need of job

The business will deal in finding suitable candidates for the job and will charge both parties a fee if they successfully agree on the terms. This includes a 2% on annual salary of the candidate and a negotiable fee on the company

  1. Marketing Plan

The company marketing strategy will be based on online marketing and networking(Rohannisson 2000). The advertisement will be done on social media, websites and the Sydney newspapers and also there will be posters in the towns. The advertisement will aim at creating awareness and also lead to return customers. The company will rely on networking by having qualified and experienced personnel in the industry that will ensure a good track record. Due to changes in regulation that require for public owned companies to have these executives

The pricing will be competitive, and customer mix will be one priority.

  1. Management Team

The company will be managed by a manager who will have Masters in Human resource management and a diploma or degree in community development with more than two years’ experience and served in the similar position for more than a year. He will be assisted by three personnel an accountant a secretary and a deputy manager who will assist in recruiting and will have a qualification in management and human resource management.

  1. Critical Risks and Assumptions.

According toSahlman,(2008) assumed that the government regulation will not change, and the performance will be similar to similar years in the industry. The risk expected include the changes in laws and also establishment of a new firm

  1. Capital Requirements

We expect to start the firm with a budget of 60000 USD. With the following structure

The money will be a loan from a bank in which will have an interest rate of 2%

Furniture and equipment
  1. Financial Plan

The firms expected cash inflow and outflow for the next three years will as shown in table below with assumption all the factors remain constant and a balance sheet

from operational activities
other expenses
net profit
Net profit
balance sheet
Furniture and equipment


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