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Comparative analysis 6

Comparative analysis

Poem Daddy by Sylvia Plath


“Daddy” is arguably the best work by Sylvia Plath. This venomous and brutal poem can be interpreted to describe the life of the deceased father of Plath’s. The beginning, “does not do any more” is about her Dad. The speaker feels like she has been squeezed into a black foot living there for about thirty years. Cannot breathe cannot turn. She speaks of the need to kill him, but the death came earlier than she found time. The description of her Dad is “bag full of God”. This is about her heavy heart she has for her dad. After comparing Daddy to the part where she further says that the head is submerged in the Atlantic Ocean like a broad statute, it appears, in retrospect, she has a memory of a prayer to his Dad to return to live. Her grief is reflected in her German utterance.

The Polish town that she mentions is characterized by wars, but the German language is spoken. She, however, cannot uncover the town his “Daddy” came from. For her, she never found a way to talk to him. She describes the German language as “obscene”. Her mind tells her that she belongs to the Jews, about to be released from the concentration camp. The distinction between her and others makes her think that she is a Jew. She talks like a Jew ultimately, maybe to identify with them. She expresses her fear and distance she had from him. But she describes him using his mustache as neat and bright blue. She says he is a “Panzer-man, panzer-man, O You.” The “Panza –man“ she says is like God, and seemingly nothing can pass. The memory of her dad is while he stands on the blackboard. His death came in her 10th year however she takes her through her 20th year where she almost died.

The primary interpretation of this poem is the frustration of a young girl who the death of the father shatters her world. However, controversies on her roots seem to eat her up. She seemingly is trying to free herself from the many unanswered questions she has over her background.

To identify the various imageries like when invoking the suffering in the Jewish camp and the tone of the poem quickly recognizes the struggles of a suffering American. The Jewish mother and German father both have a role to play while we try to determine the American context in this poem. As we know the history of this nation was the intermarriages, so does the poem portray? The poem tells a tale of a suffering young child wishing the parents were present however harsh they may be. This is a society we live in today as parents play a huge role in our lives. The repetitive same word phrase is common in the poem as well. The anaphora is so American.

Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen takes us through her journey with her friends in a bid to liberate the war-torn neighborhood. The mission brings together her friends Gale, Finnick, and Peeta. The text exposes the moral choices they have to make, the mortal traps as well as the enemies who they face. However, the first chapter interests me. Katniss on the day of reaping meets up her friend Gale and both head to their hunting spree. The woods outside District 12 give them the perfect environment. Later they attend the Reaping Ceremony. In attendance too was the city Mayor, who gives the audience the chilling details of the collapse of the government of North America. There is a war in Capital between them and the districts, but the winner is Capitol. The hunger games are the Capitol reminder of the win and are held annually. The living winner in Katniss District 12 is introduced by the Mayor. However, he is super drunk. The ceremony does not end before the tribute is made. Female tribute goes to Prim but Katniss is horrified and volunteers to take Prims place. This brief summary of the novel is relevant to this essay. The book generally covers a lot of themes, motifs and employs various styles of writing. Some of the topics related to this piece are as follows.

The first item is individualism. This has been portrayed in the instances where one is forced to survive despite the circumstances. The alternatives are always scary, and the individual is compelled to pay the price. Peeta Mellaark is a good example to portray this theme. He firmly believes that he would rather die as himself than survive as someone else. In the American society, this has been the order of the day. The American dream encourages one to get down to work no matter what as long as there is determination, luck would knock your door so will success. This is s good example of the relation of the text to the American society (Curwood, 2013).

The second theme is rebellion. This is reflected in the passage summary above where Katniss. She prefers to go hunting in the woods where it is dangerous and is outside the fences. The initial rebellion in the novel leads up to the hunger games. Katniss is further very rebellious towards the Capitol as she is seen to defy their rules. This rebellion is a characteristic of the American dream. Though it is mild, the resistance can be considered as the courage to follow paths that have not been followed by other people, especially in the entrepreneurship path.

Thirdly, the relevant theme is the Postmodernism. This film portrays a society of rich individuals who live the best of this life. This is a futuristic society. In the Hunger games, other people not living here can quickly die to starve as their lives are full of poverty. The people who will take part in the games are chosen based on the name of an object. The battle is to death, and there will only be one winner. Katniss is the girl that volunteers for her sister to do it instead of her. The games did not usually have volunteers as the chances of surviving are small. This theme is helpful in identifying the various challenges and identities of an American Citizen. There are more challenges to the poor and entrepreneurs as one has to get out of it with a profit or loss (death as in the film).


While comparing to the poem, the novel is evident on the American aspects. The interpretation is clear in the novel while the poem uses a lot of imagery and performability that helps one to recognize them as American content.


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