The Abstract Edit

Compression of the files can lead to the demeaning of the quality of the video. Most of the core content is no longer playable on certain devices and needs a lot of editing to enable to extract a clear picture and precision of the scene . The layering system as well as the juxtaposition of the audio and video is affected which leads in-flexibility in the kind of devices that are used to play the edited and compressed files. The compression of the files can lead to damage of the content and thus extra care should be taken to ensure that the compressed files are checked and re-edited to ensure an even content and reduce blemishes. The precision of the looks of the actor should be taken into account while compressing the files to avoid the relative change of natural appearances that are important in the film and is designed by the actor controlled by the director. The video and audio output should be considered

The Expertise (Three Shot) Edit

The Expertise (three shot) edit has to be compressed in a careful manner to ensure that the stimulating content is not affected. The quality of the process was not affected a lot considering that the expertise edit ensured that the content format is carefully converted into similar smaller files that can be downloaded without much change. The obligations of the film to ensure that the director’s content is conveyed upon compression is clearly and precisely.

The effect of layering and juxtaposition of both the audio and the video is limited and most of the content is of a quality compression. However, it is important to ensure that a video format cannot be compressed without damaging the original form of the pictures. This is a let down to the camera setups and coverage that shows it as someone else who is doing the listening. This does not convey absolute satisfaction to the directors who need a discussion to interpret the scripts.

The Initiative Post

Film making is the best industry that one can be in. The camera shoots and the discussions that go in actualizing a script to an audience is one interesting area that anyone can cherish. I am interested in ‘Mad House’ book that show cases the struggles and comedy of a normal family trying to find out their way in America. The scripts is put into book and demystified to showcase a great film made out of a natural foundation in a movie. The make-up artists in the film making have made the actors look different to the audience and makes the comedy look as natural as possible. Such a great work in film making that has brought out irony and laughter in a natural environment and setup.

Actor and the Director

The reading of the Actor and the Director has described that during a stage performance, the audience should not be too far distant from the actors. This is to enable everyone especially the audience to be included in the stage performance. This intrigues because the stage performance that is located in a huge auditorium is not similar to an intimate space. The closer the audience is the more enthusiastic and supportive environment. For instance a comedy intrigues with the frequent laughs and it is staged within a small and intimate space. It is important to note that the actors are controlled by the audience in as much as the audience is controlled by the performance. There is however no large feedback that occurs on the film set and the real process of cinematography that take away from the actors and performance, their control of the audience. The response of the audience needs to be felt by the actors in a bid to acclimatize the play make. There is a responsibility of a director that tends to give psyche to the actors and stimulate the performance especially during a live performance.

Sight and Hearing

During sight and hearing, it is intriguing to note that if the eye is won over, the ear should not be given anything. One’s senses can be used in a unique way to capture the entire script of the performance. Once the audio or sound replaces the image for the eye, it is important to neutralize the image and remove it from the view during the performance. Similarly, the two components of sight and hearing should not be used at the same time, or replace a sound or image. The senses of sight and hearing should not replace each other and it in a performance give predominance to one since. This is because they two senses will damage each other. If you listen then don’t look and if you look, don’t listen. These are factors that a cinematographer puts in his script of film in order to have an intriguing piece. By using the two senses in a governable way, involving the aspects of noise, speed, silence and slow pace of a script.

Stages of Production

1. Script Production

During the production of the script, it is necessary to have all the actors and allocate the roles. However in Lenny, there may be changes in the cinematography during the performance and it is important for the director to ensure that the roles are clearly labeled. Any shadowing is accepted during the production of the film in the next stage.

2. Actors Allocation and Shot Production

This stage is open to any ideas that may come up in the script may be added. However the film director should be careful not to drift away from the story of Lenny and make a different story. The actors may incorporate many stunts and intensity of the film. This can be fun and anything is incorporated in the script to enhance its intrigued.

3. Editing

It is important to have all the scenes in the set and continuity is important. The cinema shots should bring out an ideal work out of the whole film. It is important to also ensure that the quality of the audio and the video is not affected during the editing and compression of the file formats.

    TK2 Taxi Driver Deconstruction

. The film camera movement is in line with the speed and audio tactics of the director who showcases a clear and precise level of director ship in the editing, allocation of roles and the script production. The shot production is made the level of continuity of the story and the way the shots are organized in a short and precise way clearly indicates that the Martin Scorsese’s 1976 film was well directed. Taxi Driver in that it brings about the shots and the story of the Taxi Driver, The shot construction is ideal for the Martin Scorsese’s 1976 film

Martin is able to bring out the story and manipulate the cinematography and audio mixes to ensure a well calligrapher movie which is interesting to watch. The audience is also involved in the film and they are involved in the film making and performance in Martin’s 1976 film.

Own Scene

film of 1999, clearly depicts instances of laughter, suspense, silence and horror scenes. Different scenes have different music that shows the calmness and/or the bezerk scenes of Crazy Jack. Crazy Jack The sound that is used in Joe Humellski’s

Shot Construction

The shot construction is in bits of set pieces that have been joined to create a great continuity of the film. There are moments of happiness and horror and they are jointly connected to gain the flow of Crazy Jack’s behavior that is all natural but also ironical in some instances. Crazy Jack shots are brought together in an artistic way by the cinema shots.

Camera Movement

Camera movement is in line with Crazy Jacks behavior. During the horror scenes, the camera involves fast and uncontrolled movements. During the times when Crazy Jack is calm, the camera movement is slow. This maintains the mood of the film and gives the audience some time to understand Crazy Jack in his natural way.


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