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Management communication 3

Management Communication

City and State Where Institution is Located

Answers to the 25 questions

B1: following a speech that was given by Glenn Beck in the closing remarks of the CPAC 2016, I felt so touched and inspired. According to my point of view, I would not have and neither would anyone have expressed it in a better manner as he did. He made me perceive the constitution in a manner that I have not previously done. The principles that he talked about are mostly ignored by people. No other tone or person would have expressed it in a better manner. This speech is one of a kind and cannot be compared to any other delivered on the same topic. It is absolutely breathtaking.

B2. An informative presentation can be described as one which is aimed at seeing to it that there is the conveyance of certain information to people who previously did not have knowledge. It also educates people who previously did not have vast information about a certain thing. The informative presentations are aimed at helping the audience in the understanding of a given topic, issue or a certain technique with more clarity. The presentations are not focused on the appeal to the emotions of the people but rather to create an understanding on several factors that underlie a given situation. This is to the better of the knowledge of the audience. An informative speech has A persuasive speech on the other hand is one that is aimed at appealing to the emotions and feelings of a given individual. It compels and convinces the person through emotional and mental appeal. Persuasive presentations have the effect that they affect the attitudes and behaviors of the audiences towards the commodities and the items that are pointed out and being spoken about. The presentations influence the thinking of the people and in response to this influence and motivate their actions towards the item of discussion.

B3: the Steve Harvey Show is a show that aims at bringing solutions to families and people with disputes. It is hosted by Steve Harvey. Similar to this is the Trisha Show. It is on its part hosted by Trisha Goddard. The two shows have similarity in that they both seek to bring together rival or conflicting parties. This is through the solution of disputes between them. This is to the better of the relationships between them. Through this, people previously in conflict are brought together and reconciled. The manner through which the two shows do this in different manners. Steve Harvey on his part puts into use humor to cool the emotions of the people. This is through jokes and reference to his real life experiences. On the part of Trisha, she uses evidential facts to support the views of the conflicting parties. This is through such things as videos and DNA tests. They all offer solutions or breakthroughs in the lives of the people and the audience but this is attained through different mechanisms. Through the use of humor to make the tense moments less tense and more lively. On the other hand, through the use of supporting evidence, people are able to understand why the results are and the background to the results.

B4: One of my best speakers was the Late Dr. Myles Munroe. On a speech that he delivered on 31st March 2013, titled, The Power of Planning and Change, he pointed out several important things that still matter in my personal life. In the structure of the speech, he followed strictly the five structural elements. To begin with was the attention statement. The Power of Planning and Change, is a thing that many people seek to know about. It is also an attention catcher. In the introduction, he described and defined the two components, planning and change. In the body of the speech, he sought to show the interrelation that is present between the two of them. He even goes further ahead to give his own individual personal experiences. In the conclusion, he points out the benefits of planning and change in the life of a person. The residual message in this case is on how planning affects and influences the change in the lives of different people. Through this speech, he touches many people in the manner with which it is organized and presented. How he brings the relationship between the change and planning is an excellent way. He also shows several actors with which planning is powerful and advantageous to the lives of the people.

B5: when talking about android phones, there are several things that can be pointed out. This is in regards to how they aid the people in their activities. The first aspect that can be pointed out is the advantage of the maps application. This aids in the creation of directions to the people who may be lost or who intend to go somewhere they have no clear directions of. The second thing that I can point out is the camera. This makes people to remember the feelings and events. The third thing that can be pointed out is the convenience in the size. They are easy to carry around. The fourth benefit that can be noted is the fact that they can run such applications that can be run in computers making them a pocket computer. The other thing that I can point out in the presentation on android phones is the email support function. This is where they make one to be able to read mails from the comfort of his phones and also other social networks. Through the presentation, the mention of some of the benefits that have been attained through the use of android phones should be mentioned. This is because it will aid in the creation of a focal point for the people to argue and understand the reason why they should use them in case they do not use them.

B6:in early days and years, there was a belief that the women were an inferior gender as compared to the male counterparts. This was in such things as leadership and other social things in life. People considered a woman driving a bus as an inappropriate thing or a lady pilot. This was mostly so in the Asian continent and Africa. This has however changed over the recent past. There are equal rights for the women and the men. The women can do all the things that the men can do and with even more ease. This has been the result of massive gender equality campaigns. They have helped in bridging the differences in the cultures and beliefs. This has resulted to a more dynamic world where people are equal in their aspects of life and no gender biases are imposed on any social tasks. Women can now be seen doing the same tasks that the men are doing. Be it in the mining industry, aviation, rally and all other activities. This has been to the better of the recent generations.

B7: the principle of consensus works at most times. This is where most people are inclined to buy things mostly because other people such as friends or other family members have them. This has been a common event and happening over the recent past. This is what has caused the trends that have become known as fashion trends. This is where people buy products in huge numbers making the products to become common and making even more people to acquire them. This is for them to become part of the trend. This is a common happening across the world borders where an items is bought due to influence or pressure and rather not due to the demand that is present to for that item. I on my part have acquired many items such as shoes or trending shirts nit because I wanted to own one or because I needed one urgently but rather because I have seen my friends looking good in them. Looking good in them makes me feel that I would also look good in one of them. This has affected nearly all people in the world. Influence and the principle of consensus has been in play all this time.

B8: recent days have seen and brought with them an increase in the use and application of body structure enlargement pills and medications. Tis has been mostly used by people who feel that their body parts are smaller than they would have wanted. As a result of this, they prefer to enhance them. The commercials that have need used show people with enhanced breasts, noses, ears backs, hair and other parts. What they fail to mention and to appeal to me is why I should use enhancement to make by body parts better. Rather than showing how the people have had their body parts changed, they should show me why I should change my body parts and why in case I should decide to change, I should prefer them to the competitors. They should also in their ads show some of the side effects or the enhancements gone wrong. This is as a precaution for the people to be aware of the repercussions of the doings that are undertaken by people. The commercial should also appeal to not only reason but also to emotion. Through appealing to emotions, people will see the justifiable reason behind the doings that they put in place in their bodies.

B9:in a call to action, discontinuance is a more difficult challenge as compared to deterrence. This is because discontinuation means stopping something that has already been started. This is also because one should create adequate reason to the person who is to stop the undertaking from proceeding with it. This is especially so because when one is doing something, hos whole body, mind and emotion are directed at the activity. Making him to stop doing it means he should have an alternative thing to do. There should also be enough reason to make him or to compel him to stop doing it. This is more of a challenge. On the part of deterrence, someone is made to stop something that he has not started already. The people have no parts of their body involved in the undertakings such as their bodies or emotions. The mind frame is not fully committed to the task as opposed to the people who are already doing the activities that are mentioned or talked about. The altering the mind from the task is therefore easy as compared to discontinuation. This is easy for the people during a presentation to change their minds from something that has not been done as compared to that which has already been done.

B10: based on the analysis of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, I have witnessed massive progress in my personal life. Previously, I struggled with some aspects of life that in the recent days do not feel their impact. This is such things as the basic needs. Currently, I feel myself at the top most part of the esteem needs portion. I have surpassed the love and belonging part, the safety part and the psychological needs part. This, I have attained through massive inclination and effort in my undertakings and activities. It is through the passion that I have in my work and activities that I have been able to achieve this. Three years ago, I struggled to leave the hierarchy portion of the love and belonging. I felt that I could not fit into the same category with the people that I worked and interacted with. This is however now a thing of the past. I have learnt how to live with people with utmost ease. In the near future, I feel that I will have surpassed the self-actualization part. This will be through successfully passing the esteem portion part. With this, my life will flow in a manner that is not only beneficial to myself but also to the other people in the world.

B11: persuasion can be ethical in one way or another. This is because persuasion involves the pleading with the emotions of an individual to do something. This is usually through an emotional appeal or a mental appeal for the person to do something, which he would probably not done without the persuasion. This ismostly so in the matters that a person has a moral responsibility to do or not to do something. Ethically, persuasion is right and upright. This is because it is through it that some things such as charities and other donor funding are undertaken and given. It is through this that the people are able to give to those in need of the items that are donated and given. Ethics involves undertaking tasks that are morally upright and that bring out the best in a person. This is usually doing right. Persuading a person therefore to help another is in line with doing what is right to the better of the people of the society. Through this therefore, persuasion can be considered as being ethical. This is because it can make people to do morally right activities to the better of the interests of the others in different conditions.

B12: Benefits of android phones. Have you heard of android phones? They are easy to use, fast, slim, smart design. They are all that you would want to have in life. With the ability to operate many applications and with inbuilt front and back cameras, your moments will be captured as they happen. They are the quick ride to social media with all the applications to the sites enabled. You also have the direct access to your email account all in a single touch. Why not grab yours today? The feeling is completely sensational! JUST GIVE IT A TRY!

B13: an example of an elevator speech that has been provided shows several strengths and weaknesses. It is on the topic of a business coach. It goes ahead to describe a print out of a thank you email. It goes ahead to describe the delight of the people to whom the emails are printed out to. It however does not mention the material, color or design of the print out. The design part also does not show how the print out appears whether wall hanging or desktop placed. This are some of the misgivings of the elevator pitch. Failing to mention the above mentioned factors makes it to lack in the context as opposed to having mentioned it. Mentioning would have answered all the questions that would have been present to the readers. This would have been to the better of the reader and the message understandability.

B14: there are different types of communications that are undertaken and carried out. They include verbal and non-verbal communications. Nonverbal communications by being described as the part of communication that is not verbal does not limit the view or understanding of communication. This is because it comprises of the many types of communication existing that do not involve the use of sound. They include gestures, wall charts, signs and symbols. The description therefore does not affect how it is understood or how it is perceived. This is however just a way of distinguishing it from the verbal form of communication. This even makes it easier for the reader to understand what is meant. For example, description of verbal communication as that which involves the use of sound and verbal speech makes it easier for the person to understand that it is the part of communication that for instance involves talking with each other.

B15:time is an aspect that I am more observant of. I have in respect to this set a schedule of how I will manage my time so as to avoid the effects of poor time management such as lack of meeting the deadlines and delays in the execution of some projects that are before me. I value spending my time and in that case my free time in the management of all that is around us. That is nature. I am a campaigner and crusader of environmental conservation. Through this, I have set out that every day, I must participate in an activity that is aimed at the conservation if the environment. This is a passion that is inbuilt inside me. I enjoy doing so. This is because it is an inbuilt passion and desire within me. I have prioritized my desires and the things that make me happy. As such, environment is a thing that I have learnt not to take for granted. Through this, I am able to enhance my skills and work on what makes me happy. This has been factored in in my daily schedule that I have come up with. I am therefore working in line with the things that I love and at the same time meeting all my plans.

B16: time is an important and relevant aspect of communication. This is because for communication to be successful, there should be the proper use of time. This is through such things as turn taking. This is where you allow a person to talk and understand each other. This will be beneficial in the conversation in that people feel respected. In such things as phone calls, one must give the other person on the line the time to talk and express himself. Failure to do so will mean that they cannot make a conversation leave alone understand each other. Through this therefore, people should respect each other and in respect to this give each other adequate time to talk out their minds or pass the information that they have. In the case of an interview, in the interviewers do not give the interviewee the time to express himself, then they will not get to know him or what he likes or dislikes. This will be detrimental in the relationship that they seek at building. In the context of a supervisor and an employee, if either doesn’t give the other adequate time to talk, then there will be collusion in the conversation. The same case with the pilots and the air traffic controllers. It is therefore important to give each other time and respect it.

B17:in nonverbal communications, there are several assumptions that are made. They are both intrinsic and extrinsic. Some of the assumptions about such things as culture of the speakers, the hidden meanings, how we perceive and tolerate uncertainty and how we relate to either of them. People have different cultures and upbringings from which they are inclined in their undertakings. With this therefore, they perceive things differently. This makes them understand the non-verbal communications differently. For example, the image of a dog to some people from some cultures may mean a pet, to others, it may mean food, and to others yet, the same dog may mean the source of security. Furthermore, the same dog to others may be the weapon to get food for example through hunting. How people understand nonverbal communication and such things is influenced by their cultures and upbringings. How we perceive things is mostly based on how we have grown up and the other things that revolve around our lives.

B18: meeting agenda for quarterly sales


Meeting room: auditorium

Date: 11: July: 2016

Time: 10.00 Am

Meeting facilitator: Dr. Bill Griffin


Objective: to discuss the quarterly sales report and results from the latest marketing campaign

Min 5: introductions and roll call

Min 40: discussion of the impact of the campaign – this will be done by the leader of the marketing campaign. An analysis of the results, reports and misgivings of the campaign will also be pointed out.

Min 10: questions and answers – any questions and answers as in regards to the campaign will be pointed out.

Min 5: AOB and next meeting planning

B19: the creation of rapport and understanding among the people is an important aspect. Another important aspect is the first impression. It is important to appear best during the first meeting with the media people. This is because all critics and prospects will be all ears to listen to what that you have lined up to say. A good starting and introduction during the first meeting is vital if one is to have a good relationship with the people. In the preparations, it is important to acknowledge the differences and the new presence in the town. You should also be keen to point out the new elements that will be brought to the market other than those that are provided by the competitors. This includes the extra value that the product in this case the fast foods will bring to the people of the town. Another benefit that should be pointed out is the aspect of quality of the items. It is also important to point out the price differences that are resent and which will be noted. These are some of the advantages that will be mentioned to the media and which will aid in the alleviation of the business to another level in the new market. This will make the customers want to give a try to the items that are on offer by the new company in town.

B20: in the case of a crisis situation, people panic. This is usually the turnaround for many things after and during the crisis situation. As such, they end up doing things which in their normal state of mind would not have done. The things that they do, can be regarded as stupid decisions in the crisis situation. It is vital to at all crisis situations, keep calm and act sober. This is because this can be turn around for not only the situation at hand but also the lives of the people. One should keep calm and think over the course of action. One should think and then act and rather not act then think later. It is also important to factor in the outcomes of the actions that the people take. This is because on the analysis of the results that are probable, people can better decide on which course of action. For example, if a fire erupts in the business premise, rather than jumping from the 20th floor, it is important to think quick and fast. This can for example make one remember the designated fire emergency escape of the location of the extinguisher. Thinking therefore results to the solving of some rather tough situations and making them to appear easy.

B21: self-disclosure is important and vital in a business setting. This is because it makes the people in a company to know more about each other. This enables them to therefore understand the feelings of a person, the background or cultural upbringing of a person, his likes and dislikes and other important things in the making of lasting relationships. It is through this that the people are able to work together. Knowledge of the dislikes of a person makes one not to mention or do them so as to anger him. It also makes people know the limits of the person so as not to do something innocently and end up hurting each other emotionally. It is through disclosure that people are able to live and continue working harmoniously without for example making comments that are for instance offensive to each other. Self-disclosure makes people embrace each other and their various differences be they social, cultural or other differences in a profitable way. It is through it that we are able to know and understand each another. This is to the better of the relationships that we have with each other. However, it is not advisable to have excessive self-disclosure as it may make one to appear weak and taken advantage of.

B22: employment interview is a vital element both to the interviewer and to the interviewee. To the interviewer, it makes him to understand more about the interviewee. This is in regards to his personality, his likes, interests, strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. It also makes them to know the degree of self-expression that is possessed by the interviewee. It is also through this that they understand the way with which the interviewee would handle different situations in the employment set up. To the interviewee, this is the perfect chance for him to express himself to the panel. He is able to talk about himself, his capabilities and why they should pick him to the post and rather not the other shortlisted people. This is the moment of greatness for the interviewee where he is able to express himself while being scrutinized. This is more than just the paper application that have been sent or the online applications that have been made. It is through this that they ate able to select the best person based also on the ability of a person to communicate with ease. It therefore makes a better analysis of the points that had been mentioned in the curriculum vitae of the applicant rather not the academic aspect but the social one where one expresses himself to the others.

B23: conflicts are common in the everyday situations and operations of human life and activity. Based on this therefore, conflict resolution is important so as to bring together the conflicting parties and therefore make people to get back into good terms. There are various ways of conflict resolution. They include mediation, arbitration and court action among many others. Of them, the best and most effective conflict resolution method is mediation. It involves bringing together the conflicting parties with a third party present. The third parties listens to the various situations and points that have been raised by the both parties and they act upon a deal. The benefits of this is that all the parties end up satisfied with the outcome. It is also a faster alternative. An example of the use of mediation was the use of the former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan to mediate the war that had broken out in the post-election period in Kenya between 2007 and 2008. It is through the act of mediation that some genocides and catastrophes are averted. It is therefore the better of the conflict resolution methods. It is fast, easy, efficient and the conflict is solved amicably to the better of the conflicting parties.

in management, I would prefer to go with theory Y. this is because it notes the employees as being ambitious, self-directed and capable of self-motivation. This is where they prefer to do a good job with less corrections for the goal attainment process. This is in line with the aspect of motivation which states that employees should be given a chance to become independent. Through this, they would ensure that they foster self-development and innovativeness in their undertakings. Through this, they will note their achievements and be proud of them. The employees should be charged with the responsibility of controlling themselves and setting targets that they should attain. This will be accompanied by rewards for the good work that they do. In for example the marketing department, the employees should be charged with the responsibility of knowing and determining the most effective marketing techniques that should be used by the company. Through this, they will be proud of the achievements that they have attained once the techniques materialize to the better of the company and the results. They should also have the freedom to determine the manner with which the adverts should be run for example in the media with only little supervision of content where necessary. With this, they will feel responsible and can perform even better in the undertakings.

B25: the hardest part of an overseas assignment would be to a country where I don’t comprehend or understand the language that they use in communication. This would be hard since it will be hard for me to express myself to the people. Self-expression is vital if one wants to make good relationships. The assignment would be easy for me is the overseas assignment is to a country whereby I know fully their language. Here I would express myself fully and understand them completely. Working in such a place would need no interpreter and working would be easy and quick. This would be my ultimate delight. I would be able to conduct myself in a manner that I am free even to request for help without appearing to be a bother.