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Management of People in Ca Retail Store

Question 1 a.

It is important to consult key personnel in the sales department store during work and resource allocation as a sales manager at CA Retail Department Store. This is because it is vital to align the organizational output with the input required and the action that is taken to achieve the output. The output is achievable by consulting the person under one’s leadership within the department store. These are the most important people who will convert the work plan into results. From the company structure, one finds that the in the case of that CA city department store the person who appears to be consulted include the department managers of that all particular departments and the sales team leaders.

Question 1 b.

Work plan for the Department managers.




Performance Standard (what needs to be achieved)

Evaluation method (KPI- how achievement will be measured)

-Customer service personnel should report to work on time.

-Ongoing feedback formal and informal communication on customer service organisation policy.

Department managers

Implemented across all departments

  • Lack of punctuality

  • Customer complaints

-Customer service personnel change every 10 minutes

-Monitoring employees check-in time

— Reviewing the service report (complaint)

-Putting up advertisements

-Using visible advertisement material to attract customers

Department manager

Funds for development of promotional material

  • Promotional material not visible to clients

5% increase in new customers.

Number of new registered customers in data base.

-Safety practices in handling goods

-Continuous follow- up on employee safety guidelines memo circulation.

Department managers

Unqualified personnel are prone to error

-Reduction of total stock loss to less than 5%

-damaged good to be lower than 3 %

-Pre and post the quarter stock take

-Review of return logs

— Stock taking every fortnight

— Pre-ordering goods before the commence of 4th quarter

Department managers

Funds for pre-ordering goods

Delay in delivery

Stock adequacy

95 % inventory accuracy

Less than 2 percent emergency purchases

-Actual count of good in comparison to goods recorded balance of goods

-Money spent on Emergency purchases over total purchases

Work plan sales Team Leaders




Performance Standard (what needs to be achieved)

Evaluation method (KPI- how achievement will be measured)

-Liaising with marketing and merchandising departments to get promotional tools

-Minimum 40 sales per sales person hourly.

-Average of each sales should not be less than $250in 4th qtr

Sales team leader

Some sales persons may not hit the targets

Inventory turnover of 4th quarter by 12.0

Goods sold in comparison to the average inventory.

Employee training on how to develop sales and improve on customer service

Sales team leader(Kiran)

-Training tools

-Marketing and promotion tool and adoption of key sales tactics may not be developed before the commencement of the 4

-40 sales transaction every hour per sales person

-$250 worth of purchases per sale.

Key performance indicators to be agreed upon before 4th quarter.

5% increase in new customers

Sales reports

Question 1 c.

In working plan table for department managers, we find the tasks, which are in line with organizational policy in regards to customer service development and the roles of department heads. It also shows how individual tasks are aligned to the Key Result Areas as well as the timeline with which the activities should commence in readiness for begin of the 4th quarter period.

The second working plan shows how sales team leaders will guide activities of the salesperson to achieve the target required in the 4th quarter. We find how the activities of the sales persons are aligned with meeting CA department stores target. This includes liaising with the marketing and merchandising department to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Furthermore, the timelines for training personnel are well in advance of the beginning of the 4th quarter period so that they are ready before the period begins.

Question 1 d.

To communicate effectively about the work plan to particular heads of departments and sales team leaders, forwarding a copy of the work plan via email is the most viable way of communication. This is because it is faster efficient and personalized to each of the heads of department. However, a staff meeting allows, for instance, feedback and any adjustment to the work plan can be made immediately. Additionally the best way documenting employees’ commitment to the work plan is to file a copy of their work plan in each of the employees’ file.

Question 2

Risks Analysis CA City Department Store

Risk Definition

Risk Analysis

Risk Control

Risk #

Risk Description



Risk Rating

Risk Control Strategy

Expected occurrence
Date / Phase

Expected Retirement
Date / Phase

Insufficient stock levels for quarter April- June

Delayed supplier deliveries

 Customer dissatisfaction for lack of required items

 Pre-ordering an excess amount of stock

 Department managers


Accuracy of inventory balance brought forward to quarter four

No audit for 6 months

 Shortage of stock for sale

In accuracy in time of new order of stock


 Stock taking after every two weeks

 To be effected by manager

Level of shrinkage increasing over last two quarters

lack of training in security procedures

 Poor business turnover in terms of revenue



Termination of employees theft in accordance to fair work regulations

-Installation of CCTv cameras

 Monitoring by department managers


New employees slow with service provision

New to role, still learning processes

 In adequate customer service


 Training programs to develop employee skills

 To be done by sale team leader

 Soonest possible

New employees unproven sales record

Too new to have measureable results known- turnover increasing

 Low overall sale and in ability to meet the 4th quarter objective of 10% increase in sales.


 Mentoring program where seasoned employees advice up come employees on the best way to increase sales

-training and ongoing feedback.

TO be foreseen by department managers and the sales team leader

 Soonest possible

Sales staff ability to cross sell

last training session over 6 months ago

 Lack of coordination that thus inefficiency in service provision.


 Training for new employees.

 To be effected by sales team leaders

 Soonest possible

Question 1

The performance appraisal tool according to CA retail shop

  • The first aspect – self-assessment and appraisal retrieved through an interview with employees.

Assessment of key result areas and key performance indicators

  • Second aspect – performance review by Appraiser – (employer)

Assessment is done using a formal assessment feedback n the key performance indicators and key results areas.

  • Third Aspect – Rating of the employees performance on key result areas and key performance indicators

  • Fourth aspect- Overall review of performance and recommendation as well as positive or negative feedback

Question 2

The performance management review process.

Below is a communication of the CA Retail Store performance evaluation policy.

Need for performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is essential in retail mainly because it helps in establishing the employees’ abilities and competencies in a particular job description. This includes:

Work Quality: Precision and neatness. Do the employees’ members give out an excellent performance? Is high-quality work, a priority for the appraised employee? Department managers will review the job. Do they report to work in the right dress code and on time?

Job Knowledge: Detailed information of all specifications of the job and how well does the staff member understand all processes involved in the job as described by the efficiency specifications set for the position?

Dependability: Worker needs little or no route. To what level can the staff member be depended upon to carry out instructions; and the degree to which the staff member can perform with restricted supervision?

Evaluation of Relationship with other colleagues: Consider employee’s capabilities to maintain a positive and good mindset in the work environment. How well does the member staff associate with the managers, co-workers and the wider School group (teamwork).

Attendance: Presence, as well as punctuality is vital components in keeping a normal performance and efficient routine. Employees are anticipated to review to operate regularly and be ready to perform their allocated responsibilities at the beginning of their assigned perform move. Is the staff member missing frequently? Are the absences impacting his/her performance? Does this pattern constitute hard for the task environment?

Productivity: Consider employee’s capability to focus on and arrange the efficient performance to fulfill allocated work deadlines. Were projects appropriately finished and appropriate follow-up implemented? Is the staff member a self-starter?

Safety commitment at the workplace: To what level has the staff member followed the recommended safe perform methods, participated in protection training programs; and plays a role in excellent and management over threat in his/her perform environment. Employee should observe the safety standards as indicated in eh work health safety Act and ensure that:

• Healthy is not affected by alcohol or drug abuse

• Taking care of their health and that of their co-workers

• Encourage other to follow the healthy and safe working norms in the workplace.

Supervising Ability: In the assessment of this factor, consider the employee’s capability to arrange, strategy, train, delegate and management the task of employees in an effective manner.

Performance level Assessment

An employee’s appraisal review shall be rated in the following category:

Excellent Performance Standards: this is a level given to a department store, which is significant.

Above the efficiency specifications of the Key performance indicators

Performance Standards have been achieved-outstanding: this is a level given to a department store, which fully meets the efficiency specifications of the job.

Performance Standards achieved – Acceptable: this is a level given to a department store, which barely meets the efficiency specifications of the job. The manager must get in touch with the sales team leader to start a Performance Enhancement Plan, which must be finished together by the staff member and the manager.

Below average Performance Standards: this is a level given to a department store, which is unable to fulfill the minimum performance specifications of the job. The manager must get in touch with the Department of Individual Sources to start a Performance Enhancement Plan, which must be finished together by the staff member and the manager.

Improvement Plan

To support employee’s performance improvement, the Ca Retail Company shall use the following methods.

Identification of the specific and clear statements indicating the steps to be taken to improve performance. These statements must be measurable and achievable. Also, they have to be relevant and within a particular time frame. Over and above establishment of key result areas, other ways of ensuring success in performance include

  • Mentoring

  • Formal and informal feedback on the way to increase output

  • Ongoing monitoring and feedback using key performance indicators

Feedback tools

  • Balanced scorecard for evaluating employee performance

  • 360 degree feedback for development planning.

Job Performance Appraisal

  • Performance review happens annually in the July and August

  • Promotion will also be reviewed annually

Task 3

Question 1

Interviewing the Sales team leader

  1. Interviewer: What are your main responsibilities and obligations? —

Sales team leader:

  • Ensuring sales targets are met

  • providing training for new sales personnel

  • compile sales reports

  1. Interviewer: Has past season been good/bad/satisfactory or otherwise?

Sales team leader: Satisfactory

  1. Interviewer: What do you like and hate about working for this organization?

Sales team leader: I like the Teamwork and support by upper management.

  1. Interviewer: What aspects of your job do you find most difficult?

Sales team leader: Training the new sales employees to ensure they are ready to make good sales.

  1. Interviewer: What aspects of your job interest you the most, and least?

Sales team leader: The challenge of training new personnel and formulating a sales plan respectively.

  1. Interviewer: What do you consider to be your most important is tasks and projects in the next year?

Sales team leader: Raising inventory turnover by 12 and ensuring sales person is capable of making 40 transactions per hour per person with each transaction worth $250.

  1. Interviewer: What action can be taken to improve your efficiency in your present position by you, and your boss’?

Sales team leader: Provision of training resources such as training charts and projector machines to ensure that training of sales persons is effective.

  1. Interviewer: What job position do you aim one/two/five years time?

Sales team leader: A sales manager.

  1. Interviewer: Record the goals you set out to accomplish in the past 12 several weeks (or the interval protected by this appraisal) with those things or requirements decided — against each opinion on accomplishment or otherwise, with factors where appropriate. Ranking the efficiency against each objective (1-3 = inadequate, 4-6 = acceptable, 7-9 = outstanding, 10 = excellent):

Sales team leader:

Sales persons training


Achieving highest turnover


  1. Interviewer: In light of your present abilities, your efficiency against past goals, and your future individual development and/or job ambitions, what actions and projects would you like to concentrate on during the coming season.

Sales team leader: Increase the sales per hour to 50 transactions for every sales person through aggressive sales training.

Question 1 b. and c

Area of competence

Comments with regard to Competency Areas and Suggest Improvement

(1-3 = inadequate, 4-6 = acceptable, 7-9 = outstanding, 10 = excellent

Taking Responsibility: Finishes projects in a thorough way; has issue for the objectives and purpose of the company and division and others that rely on services or perform products; manages several obligations in an effective manner; uses time efficiently

  • The candidate is very responsible and ready to work at all times

  • Is knowledgeable of company objective and goals

  • respectful


Focus: Is devoted to meeting the objectives and requirements of internal and exterior sales persons: determines good connections with sales people and benefits their trust and respect; goes beyond to anticipate their needs and reacts accordingly.

  • Focused on the as well as keen

  • Is more of a perfectionist but get the job done


Problem Solving skill and innovation: Recognizes and examines problems; creates alternative solutions; takes or suggests appropriate actions; follows up to make sure troubles are settled.

  • Provides solution for problems

  • Quick thinker

  • innovative


Collaboration/Teamwork: Uses diplomacy and courtesy to sustain good and effective perform connections with co-workers and constituents; enhance beneficial and collaborative perform relationships; facilitates variety projects by indicating regard for all individuals.

  • Works well with others

  • Offers support to colleagues and staff


Communication/Interpersonal Skills: Is able to successfully connect and to impact others stocks details openly; are able to talk well and create successfully.

  • Can effectively communicate eloquently to other personnel

  • Is concise and accurate in portraying information


Question 1 d

Key areas of improvement

In line with employees appraisal interview, the below are some of the key areas that need improvement in order for the apraissee to achieve higher results.

Key improvement areas

Tasks and activities.

Comment by appraiser

Increase the sales per hour to 50 transactions for every sales person through aggressive sales training by end of the following year

  • Aggressive training program to increase skill

  • Integrated Coordination with Merchandising and marketing team to ensure growth in sales

Having discussed with the Kiran, we have agreed on the new targets that will improve sales within the retail store. The KPI’s that will be used to establish the sales transaction is being achieved includes the sales reports. Further a contractual agreement has been signed to ascertain that Kiran is committed to achieving the said goals and activities which will be appraised after the end of the one year period

Question 1 e

Overall assessment — (1-3 = inadequate, 4-6 = acceptable, 7-9 = outstanding, 10 = excellent)

Summary Comments

In review the candidate’s performance I finds that he is very active and ambitious. The candidate also surpasses expectations when it comes to training of new employees and aligning them to the sales culture of A retail store. Furthermore, achievement to key result areas is above par but effort is required to retain the high levels of sales across all the departments.

Overall Rating:


Question 1 f

In a situation where training is needed, several steps should be taken to that effect. Employees need coaching especially with regard to team discordance. The most valuable process to assist in this includes team coaching, which helps the employees to understand one another with an aim of improving the work relations as well as reduce conflict to ensure that the organizational goals effectively met.

By establishing the intended goal in comparison to current reality, one can evaluate the options available and implement a way forward. The GROW model will be used in the improving the teamwork within members.

Question 1

When efficiency control is mentioned, people think of the staff member efficiency evaluation or review. Performance control, however, includes so much more. Properly constructed assessments should signify a review of a continuous, year-round conversation. Concentrating only on a yearly evaluation form brings to misconception and under admiration of the benefits of efficiency control.

A great performance management undertaking enables supervisors to assess and measure personal efficiency and improve output by:

• Aligning the individual worker’s daily activities with ideal business objectives

• Providing exposure and making clear responsibility related to efficiency expectations

• Documenting personal efficiency to assistance settlement and career planning decisions

• Establishing focus for skill development and learning activity choices

• Creating certification for legal reasons, to assistance choices and reduces disputes

Question 2

While it may appear to be an extra task for managers and supervisors already having to deal with a lot of responsibilities, managers that offer ongoing reviews and training on the established department objectives and goals, often make their management job easier as well as build the individual and team capacity to perform. In addition, your task team will have a higher chance of conference and going above the department’s educational and company objectives.

• Your workers always have an idea of what is required of them

• Employees also feel value as a manager takes note of their success and achievement.

Managing efficiency and continuous management reviews should be a continuous habit. The yearly evaluations, which each manager is required to conduct, will be easier as one has kept continuous checks on employee’s performance, which therefore becomes a formalization of the current relations between an administrator and the worker. Ongoing feedback is essential for any business, all around the year and not only during the annual appraisal and evaluation of performance.

Question 3

In a situation where an employee is unable to meet the required targets despite the requisite intervention, which include the training counseling and continuous feedback, it is important for a manager to contact the employee and informal him or her of the process of what would happen if the employees do not meet the agreed upon targets. This is done to alert the employees that there is a crucial need for improvement or the only other alternative is that dismissal. However, before dismissal the manager should keep a record of all the interventions that have been used concerning the employee such as the training and verbal warnings to before weighing in on a decision to terminate the employee. At the point, t is important to consult the legal department as well as the human resource department to confirm that the grounds for termination are in line with company regulations.

Question 4

There are various methods that can be used to help improve an employee’s performance. Some of them include coaching and mentoring. Coaching workers supports their sense of value. Through training, companies help workers achieve objectives and ensure they have a strong understanding of their job need. Mentoring is a guidance system incorporated with a goal-oriented reviews system that provides an organized procedure for creating strong connections within a company and is a firm base for worker preservation and growth. With a guidance system, a company sets someone skilled in self-discipline with someone less familiar with a similar area, with the objective to develop specific capabilities, provide efficiency reviews, and design a personalized career development plan.

Question 5

Regarding employee development, a manager needs to employ various techniques in order to ensure that he develops the employees in terms of skill and performance. A manager needs to coach, advice, and appraise his employees.

Coaching helps workers recognize their strong points, weak points, passions, and principles by maintaining start, effective communication, and ongoing motivation. You can enhance your training by:

• Encouraging two-way dialogue

• Showing workers how to recognize their abilities, passions, and values

• Scheduling continuous profession growth discussions

By playing the role of an advisor, a manager provides business information, facts, and resources to workers. One can enhance an employee’s development through advice by:

• Helping workers develop genuine profession goals based on your department’s needs and

Their personal growth plans

• Helping workers understand the present possibilities and limitations on the campus

• Advising workers on the practicality of various profession options

By appraising the staff’s efficiency from the beginning, is a genuine way associated with prospective possibilities. You can enhance your evaluation abilities by:

• Providing frequent reviews in a way that encourages development

• Conducting efficiency assessments comprise strong points, weak points, and profession growth needs

• Relating present efficiency to future prospective in genuine ways

• Using a personal growth plan as a tool for constant reviews and development

Question 6

In an incidence where the sales team leader is a perfectionist and he is often too critical about himself despite exemplary performance, there is need for sales manger to reinforce excellence in such an employee. By recognizing the productivity, that the sales team leader has done over the previous periods. It is also recommended that the manager should show support for activity or task that is well done so that the sales team leader can develop confidence in his accomplished duties. Feedback is also very important, and one of the recommendations that a manager should insist on is for the sales team leader to continually ask for feedback from the department managers to know how well the training is progressing.

Question 1

In an event where the menswear department manager is in a dilemma where one of the best sales persons is stealing from the store because of personal problems, it is important for the sales manager to consult with the human resource specialist. In this neither particular situation did the department manager report nor act against the sales person as he knew of his personal problems. The support of the operations manager is important because the issues are very delicate. On one hand, there is a breach of conduct while on the other side the act is motivated by personal problems and being perpetrated by senior salespersons. Therefore, the support of Human resource specialist is important to weighing on the issues.

Question 2

The issues of theft are a serious misconduct and the sales manager needs to act on such issues promptly. Firstly, there is a need for disciplinary action. This includes suspension, termination, as well as written or verbal warnings. In this particular case, it is important for the manager to review whether such theft misconduct has been happening before and what has attributed to the sudden change of behavior. However, since the issue needs addressing as a sales manager, one should address the matter of theft specifically. It is important to be clear about the policy and regulations regarding such misconduct and remind the employees that there are rules and regulation. Furthermore, although the employee is going through personal problems he should not allow them to ruin his good behavior I the work place. A manager needs to be stern and unemotional to express the intensity of the issues.

In the issues of poor performance, it is important to accept that the senior sales person is under performing. Managers need also to address the issue of poor performance offering feedback that is:

Balanced- includes the positive and negative attributes of the period of poor performance.

Actionable activities should be decided on which include Key performance indicators for the sales person and should be on a timeframe

Communication needs to encourage and inspire confidence in the sales performance and not forceful. Therefore, there should be specific measurable and realistic activities that should be time bound in order to develop change.

Question 3

For the employee experiencing personal issues, it is important to recommend. It is the responsibility of the manager to check on the well being of the employees working under him, which include their mental well being. In the case where the personal issue starts affecting work performance, it is necessary for one to develop empathy for the affected employee and ensure that they get proper help on how to cope with the personal issue.

Question 4

After three months sales person is found having stolen again after having been issued a written warning, the manager needs to terminate the employee. However according to Fair work act there is the particular process that is recommended to terminate an employee.

First, the misconduct that the employees are accused of should be identified in order for one to seek legal advice. Secondly, the discussion of the misconduct such as theft should be done on the face and in any meeting regarding the action against the employee; the employee needs to be present. Afterward the manager needs to consider the viable options that are available, and after that if he decides to terminate the services of the employee a letter of termination is written that states the reason and time, which the employees was terminated.


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