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In observation we track the child over a session and in different places like classes and in the fields so as to find more about the child as an individual. For stance we can consider different perspectives such as cultural perspectives, sometimes languages and background has a great significance on what a child can be assessed as well the child’s interest.

Some common methods we can use are questioning either in terms of written or oral, being involved in real time activities and structural activities. These methods should be valid in the method context, reliable, fair and flexible.

Children learning and assessment need to collaborate with the views from professional educators, peers and families where by these groups wells understand their strength, abilities and interests making the learning process effective.

Assessments practices include diagnostic which is carried out at the start of a unit of study, formative which is done as the learning process goes on and summative which helps n making judgments about a student at the end of the unit.

According to the approved framework we find some children has a strong sense in terms of identity, wellbeing, effectiveness in communication, the relationship of the children and the world is well connected and involvement in learning. In decision making we use the information collected, child need is the aim of this work and we still provide for the children with special needs so as to ensure the outcome of each and every child is maximized. Summative assessment helps to analyses the effectiveness and the achievement level of the study

After a while send the children to field and capture the development and changes The information is shared to the families in ways such as use of diaries, meeting with the parents work with children and write storybooks of what they do and private meeting with parents. When sharing the information clear purpose should be defined and consider the welfare and safety of the child


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