Change Management — Recruitment and Selection Criteria

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The report focus on comprehension of change and change management process specifically on the recruitment and selection criterion a case study of prixcar pty located in Australia. The aim of the study was to reveal the workers perceptions of change and change management in term so practise and processes. Workers were encouraged to express their opinion concern change and change management on recruitment and selection criteria as well as the manner tom which they affected their work environment as well as their lives within the prixcar pty. The research employs the qualitative approach, ., the data collection procedure mainly identified workers stand point as well as comprehension of change and change management process as well as practise within the company. The report centres on the change management and leadership in prixcar pty. Prixcar pty is an expressway car Logistics Company with many cars shipped over the past years within Australia. 50% are owned by Tol PDI investment while the rest 50% is owned by K-line Auto. Our report will therefore focus on appraisal of the recruitment and selection criterions policies as well as change the recruitment and selection plan in order to increase the net profit by getting rid of current technological limits and reduction of legal cost.

Literature review

The emergence of the new business economy has lead to the looming business opportunities for numerous companies across the globe. This lead to acceptance of phenomena of a change and frequently to terms that if they do not change they will becoming irrelevant in the competitive market. Nevertheless, change turns to be hard to pull off and many companies have low triumphant in their business operation and vicious fact is that more than 75% of every change program fails. The success of a company of the future should be ready to clinch to change management or experience and extinction. Furthermore, may companies fail in their change program since some top executives have a tendency of rushing to those programs in their company which makes them loose focus and turn to be overpowered by the literature recommending on the reason why company must change, what companies must focus on fulfilling as well as the manner to which companies need to implement change. As a result, it might be argued that implementation change is an intricate exercise to fulfil, the concern on the need for change and the environment that the company operates in is a contributing factor to the intricacies in change management
(Cameron, 2004).

Many Morden companies find themselves in a risky situation in which the requirement of introducing as well as managing the change better turns to be competitive requirements.

The environment establishes the approach to which companies need to operate but as judge state that, there no acceptable definition of what entails the current environment. Nevertheless, a realistic working meaning is that the environment is linked to environmental aspects that impact the company. The environment aspect is the political, technological as well as sociological in nature. These are an important factor in establishing the kind of change to be implemented in the company as well as the fastness of proposed change being implemented. The examiner’s reading of the literature review disclosures that a phenomenon of a company change is well structured feature of a contemporary lifestyle that has been well defined and compressively researched my many scholars linked to change and change management
(Dievernich, 2014).

Many researches in diverse range have emphasized on change to the many diverse approach h in which change might be categorised. Some scholars categorize change as per the kind of rate of change needed and this is normally regarded as the substance of change. There is a blend of company notions on the duty of the individual in the company with the approach of company design as well as the facilitation of change on the basis of situational assessment of forces of change as well as the style of leadership necessities. Even though there is an acknowledgement of the importance to control change well in the modern companies, questions concerning the importance of change as well as the manner to which the procedure might be controlled turns to be mainly unresolved., traditionally, scholars on change, management have argued that the main aim of change is to create steadiness in the company through the least amount of change programs
(French, 2010).

Managed still remain largely unanswered (Dawson 1994). Traditionally, theorists on change management have argued that the primary purpose of change was to create stability in the organization.

This methodology is controlled by the approach of scientific study as well as lucid creation of grounded in novelty. The modern age is associated with mechanistic as well as hierarchical arrangement on the basis of the tremendous separation of labor as well as c0ontrol system that repress the individual sentiment and reduces their range for autonomous actions.

From workers point of view, any form of company change might have an impact on their lives and the kind of their work, its impact might be experienced by way of changed working conditions, advantage as well as future wish. It is for the regards that is vital that workers are in a position to comprehend the change procedure, assessment of efficient, identification of their place in it as well as acting by impacting those factors that are impacting the workers (Kondalkar, 2013). While many workers might have scarce chances to be engaged in the creation of company change practices, it has not hold back the workers from observing as well as formulating their own perceptions conquering the change and change management at the place of work. This was also apparent amongst workers within the prixcar.

Response from the data collection procedure approved this. Based on the perception of workers within the prixcar developed the greater contribution towards the research and contributed immensely to comprehension of the meaning of what they attribute to the phenomena of change and its impacts upon them. In this regards, the study furthered the argument for importance of conclusion of the study change from workers perception in the arguments involving change management within prixcar. It should be recognized that as a phenomena, change in some companies is a procedure misinterpreted by many workers, for whom there are no available policy to a comprehending of change. Workers have struggles to comprehend as well as alter the practice and procedure that ate intricate, in a steady state of renewal, as well as intricate to understand. It is for these reasons that the role of workers in the company on the basis of factors that impact the forces of change be emphasized (Morabito, 2014).

Outline of the change project

Diagnosis (including data collection)

The following are the rationale or f actors for change within the prixcar limited

Not so professional and honest service

It is apparent that there is expert and trust worth services. This might be attributed but the hiring of less skilled workers. To encourage for honest and professionalism in prixcar, there need change in employees recruitment in order tom ensure that skilful workers who are competent are employed within the company (French, 2010)

Service inconsistency

The service provision by the company is not steady, this due to lack of well structured company policy that is strictly followed by the company employees to guarantee steady service provision, there is need for change in employees and recruitment management in order to ensure that only the well equipped and skillful workers who understand the meaning of companies mission and 0bjectives are employed. This will ensure that the company strategic goals is realized since, workers will understand their duties as well as follow the company mission and vision statement in fulfilling their duties (French, 2010).

Denial of liability

It is apparent that company is not liable for any loss or damage of good in transit. This is major threat to the business success since, many customers will shun from doing business with the company. To curb this, the company need to ensure that there is change and change, management in order to encourage that the right level of skills is employed with the necessary experience concern business law, workers law and the need to encourage customer motivation.

Poor response

Poor response rate is an attribute of poor communication skills within the customer support and how employees interact with each other., there is need for change in which workers interact with each other as well as the manner to which the communication skills is improved, the best alternative is to institute change within the company employees and recruitment process in order to ensure that there is a new system of thinking and communication within the company (Morabito, 2014).

Delay in delivery

The delay in delivery is an attribute of poor communication skills and lack of competence and integrity at place of work; these factors are as a result of certain organization culture that needs change. Change management would lead to effective communications, improved competency and integrity and also respect for others which in turn would lead to improved supply of cars on times.


Currently, panning and strategy implementation are considered as a constituent of similar procedure of change and change management process. It implies therefore that accents might be spread in different approach. The approach compared with strategic plan, change and change management is depicted in the meaning of change management and strategic management. The objective of workers must be derivative of the company’s mission, vision and its strategy in integrity, as a result of structural layout of planning process. This permits the workers to comprehend link between their daily job and intent of the company. Attainment of this compatibility between the objectives and the duties of ranked workers as well as of the company ensures that there is high extent of workers motivation and the need for change in recruitment and change management. This is made possible by compliance of fundamental principles of objective and duties formulae (French, 2010).

Implementation and evaluation

The aim of strategic implementation is emphasized by expert who stresses the association between change of company and its workers involvement. Where do the intricacies with implementation of best formulated change management on workers recruitment emanating from? Approach to change implementation engaged depicts a great number of change management approach, nevertheless, approach as well as tools of strategy appraisal have not experienced lots of changes. Management process of strategy implementation depicts some outcome in fulfilling the difference between the strategy formulation and its implementations. the difference between the process is concerning the employment of old management system as well as existence of some constraints to change implementations which are the mission and strategy being unattainable, goals of some team and workers are not linked to the strategy and change management mechanism of asset allotment and depiction of no connection with the change management and strategy implementations. Lastly, there are the barriers of response being tactical and not strategic (French, 2010).


Recent changes have transformed the approach of how work is performed. In the past, workers entered a profession, as well as practiced that job for the rest of their life. Currently, with change affecting every work and the manner to which every worker undertake his or her job, workers are currently looking for job to ensure that they keep up with change, forecast change as well as even developing some of the change. Considering the above presented arguments on the change implementation on prixcar, once can state that the importance of change and strategy implementation in recruitment workers is the relocation of model of non operational system that is tactical plan to model of active system that is company executing the defined change and change management objectives, by way of rational assets control and labor force control as well. The change management considers not only the transformations in the static company layout but transformation in the methodology of approach to workers working within the company, inclusive of creativity, innovation as well as belief of a company in the section of processes comprehension. Such change commands the structured as well as systematic methodology on the basis of effective communication system.

Change has turn to be the main factor of company life in terms of how to change, what to change and the impact of change to workers which acts as a guiding concern of modern companies. This case study of prixcar provide proof-based awareness concerning the intricacies of change as well as change management to further creates efficient framework or models for change and change management.


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